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What are the Best White Nursing Shoes? Today we’ll be exploring our options for all-white shoes for nurses.

When it comes to nurses, shoes are our bread and butter. Why? Because, we’re on our feet all day! Having a good shoe is incredibly important in the day-to-day nursing life.

While most nurses might be able to wear whatever shoes they want, there are some that must stick to specific colors.

We already have a full review on the Best Shoes for Nurses. However, today we’ll be taking a look at what shoes you should get if you need White Nursing Shoes!

Why Do Nurses Wear White Shoes?

Well, the history behind white shoes for nurses might go further back than you might think. When Florence Nightingale originally founded her nursing school, a nursing student came up with the design for uniforms.

These uniforms were white to prevent the public from associating germs and dirt with nurses. White is typically a color associated with cleanliness and sterility. However, nurses wore black shoes still. But, when white leather came out on the market, nurses switched over to an all-white uniform.

While most hospitals today will use other colors to distinguish their nurses, there are still some who choose the all-white route.

For example, the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top hospitals in the United States, is a full white scrub nursing hospital. So, nurses all wear white scrubs and white shoes. Why? To promote a sense of cleanliness, sterility, and overall uniformity.

What Are the Best White Shoes for Nurses?

When it comes to looking for the best white nursing shoes, we’ll take a look at our Guide to the Best Shoes for Nurses. A lot of those shoes come in white as well, and are great options for nurses and nursing students (also, male and female nurses).

However, one of the biggest problems with white shoes is keeping them clean. For example, some shoes like the Nike Free Run’s are incredibly difficult to keep clean without pretreating them. So, we’ll keep that in mind when considering which is the best.

White Nursing Shoes for Women

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 Running Shoe


If you’ve never heard of HOKA ONE ONE, I wouldn’t be surprised. They are becoming more and more popular, but still might have not reached you yet.

However, they are an athletic shoe company from France. They make extremely comfortable shoes that are great for nurses with plantar fasciitis (source). While they are newer, they do bring a lot to the table as far as comfort, durability and overall support.

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So, why are HOKA ONE ONE shoes a great choice for nurses? Well, because they’re unbelievably good for your feet. They help support and provide an exceptional amount of comfort. When it comes to durability, they also should last you through several years of 12-hour shifts.

Crocs On the Clock Medical Professional Shoe


If you haven’t heard of Crocs before, then you need to! Crocs are made of their special material called “Croslite”.

Croslite is a foam resin that uses a closed-cell resin. It can also be called injection-moulded EVA foam. The foam is designed to form itself to your feet and in-turn provides supportive benefits (source).


They are incredibly comfortable and also provide a strong barrier between your foot and the elements. This makes them incredibly easy to clean, comfortable and slip-resistant. If you get a stain on your Crocs, you can literally just bleach it right off. This makes them a huge asset for nurses because, as you know, we get splashed on all the time.

In addition, the Croslite foam material is a great barrier between elements and your foot. It is strong, durable and most importantly can be cleaned easily.

Dankso LT Pro Clogs


What is it about Dankso Clogs that everyone loves? Well, what can’t you love; they’re durability, strong, protective and supportive.

Dankso’s are one of the most popular and when it comes to finding the best white nursing shoes, they had to be on the list. They are lightweight, cushioned for comfort, and use an EVA molded outsole for durability.

In addition, they are completely stain-resistant and use leather sock-linings. These things are literally like bricks that just won’t break down. Nurses swear by them, and for good reason.

Cleaning white Dankso’s is fairly simple. You can just use a simple bleach wipe or more abrasive scrub if your shoes do stain.

adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe (White)


The adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe is one of our top choices for white nursing shoes. Why is it so good for nurses? Because of it’s pure comfort.

adidas really brings a special shoe to the table here as far as how “cloud-like” it really is. They use a rubber sole with a cloud-foam memory sock-liner to bring one of the most comfortable experiences in a shoe.

For nurses on their feet all-day comfort is huge. There really isn’t many other nursing shoes that come close to the comfort level that these bring. In addition to being super comfy, the Cloudfoam shoes also come in several color combinations, and even several different versions of white. So, you can really customize them to what you want.

The one downside is that they aren’t the most cleaning friendly. However, give them a few sprays from shoe waterproofing and you should be good to go!

Honorable Mentions

Nike Women Free RN 942837-001 (Shoes)

List Price:
New From:
$110.00 In Stock

White Nursing Shoes for Men

Brooks Men’s Bedlam Shoe (White)


The Brooks Bedlam is an awesome option for male nurses looking for white shoes. Brooks are extremely popular in the running community and have proven themselves as one of the best running shoes.

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This makes them great for nursing shoes because they’re incredible comfortable. When you’re on your feet all day, you need a shoe that will provide exceptional support. In addition, they come in this awesome white color that looks really good with black and white scrubs.

Brooks uses a special responsive cushioning that provides best-in-class energy return and therefore helps you keep going for longer. They also have an amazing fit with the Fit Knit upper portion.

Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe (White)


When it comes to nursing shoes for men, there is a few brands that stand out above the rest, and one of those is Under Armour. The Charged Assert 8 Shoe is one of the best white nursing shoes because it has it all.

While it’s not specifically marketed for nurses, it has all the right qualities; comfort, support, durability and breathability. There is a durable leather overlay, with a breathable mesh and supportive thick rubber sole. You also get heaps of grip from the lower portion of the shoe.

Although the Assert 8 Shoe can be a bit more “open” to the elements than we would like, we would recommend just waterproofing it with some spray.

adidas Men’s Lite Racer Running Shoe (ALL White)


These Lite Racer shoes from adidas are an incredibly comfortable pair of shoes. They are made of out imported materials and constructed in a way that just works.

The fit and finish is exceptional and adds to a sense of breathability and comfort. When considering what nursing shoes to buy, especially if you need all-white shoes, these might be the ones.

In addition, they’re super stylish and might make your coworkers a bit jealous.

Honorable Mentions

Skechers mens Energy Afterburn road running shoes, Black,6.5 medium (Apparel)

List Price:
New From:
$39.99 In Stock
Used from:
$39.99In Stock

Final Verdict

In conclusion, you can see that you can find some awesome white nursing shoes. If you have to wear white scrubs and a white uniform for your hospital, then options are out there.

We’ll keep this Guide up-to-date as we find and test out newer options!

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