Vessi Shoes for Nurses Review

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Should you get Vessi Shoes for Nurses? Are they comfortable? Do how they feel? How do they compare to some of the best nursing shoes?

That’s what we’re here to find out!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Vessi Shoes by now. If you haven’t, it was started by three individuals with a similar mindset, “a sneaker that could do it all” (source).

But, long story short, as far as nurses are concerned, Vessi has been becoming more and more popular. Why? Well, there are several reasons. We’ll not only be going into why Vessi shoes are great for nurses, but also why they’re just great shoes in general.

We recently took a dive into Vessi vs Clove Nursing Shoes, but this is a more in-depth test and review of Vessi Footwear.

Vessi Weekend Sneaker Review


We’ll just get straight to the point; if you’re considering Vessi Shoes, they’re incredible. They’re incredible comfortable, durable and make great nursing shoes.

So, go buy them with 10% off! But, if you want to hear more, let’s get into it.


Disclaimer – Vessi sent us The Weekend Sneaker to check out. While this review mainly will feature this style, the other styles are very similar, if not identical, as far as quality, comfort and build goes. The only real difference is the styles.


We’ll start out with Vessi’s most advantageous feature: their 100% waterproofing claim. Are they actually waterproof? Well–yes.

They claim their signature technology is a 100% waterproofing. While it seems to be true, it most likely is a similar coating to what North Face and other rain jackets companies use–or not…

Actually, Vessi achieves the waterproof nature of their shoes due to the way the shoes are knit. In addition to being waterproof, the Weekend Sneaker is also machine washable (along with other Vessi shoes).

They also use a very very comfortable foam material in their shoe to provide cushioning. It is quite honestly one of the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever tested.

And, finally, all Vessi shoes are vegan.


As nurses we encounter all sorts of fluids on a day-to-day basis. Some aren’t so gross, some are very gross. The last thing you want is one of those disguising fluids soaking directly through your shoe and onto your foot.


There are some other shoes like Crocs that are waterproof, however I’m not sure if you’ve put Crocs on recently… They’re unbelievably uncomfortable. So, having a good pair of waterproof shoes that won’t break your back is very important.


As mentioned before, comfort is a huge factor when it comes to nursing shoes. Vessi does not disappoint on this front.

They provide an excellent amount of cloud-like support. And, when matched against similar Clove nursing shoes, they definitely come out on top (as far as comfort is concerned).

Machine Washable

Having shoes that are easily cleaned is one thing. However, shoes that can literally be thrown in with a load of laundry is another.

Vessi includes washing and cleaning instructions with their shoes. And, if you’re nervous to put them in the washer, you can still do it the traditional way (with soap and a sponge).

However, we do recommend just putting them right in the washing machine.

Why Are Vessi Shoes Good for Nurses?


So why are Vessi shoes, like the Weekend Sneaker or Everyday Sneaker, a good choice for nurses? What makes them one of the best nursing shoes?

  • Waterproof: Having nursing shoes that are waterproof are not only important for safety, but for cleaning as well. Not allowing dangerous fluids to penetrate your shoes is an important concern for many nurses.
  • Comfort: Vessi shoes have unmatched comfort that are not rivaled by any of the traditional nursing shoes. They truly are one of the most comfortable shoes we have ever tried on, especially without socks.
  • Durability: Durability is important for any nursing shoe. Why? We’re literally on our feet all day! So, having a good durable shoe is very important and Vessi provides that.
  • Functionality: This can be a difficult category to tackle, however they achieve functionality with their lacing system. While it is similar to a traditional lacing system, there is enough stretch to help you easily slip in and out of your shoes which is very important for certain nurses (OR, surgery, etc.).
  • Design: Matching your favorite nursing scrubs to your shoes can be important to nurses. Vessi offers several colors and styles that match the modern design of trendy scrubs such as; FIGS, Cherokee INFINITY, Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Washable: THESE SHOES ARE WASHABLE. Literally in your washing machine. This is HUGE. Being able to sanitize your shoes after a long week’s shifts is important for health and disease prevention.

How Do Vessi Shoes Fit?

How does the Vessi Weekend Sneaker fit? They’re very snug, stretchy and comfortable, but we’ll elaborate on that.

Vessi shoes run a bit bigger than we expected, as far as sizing goes. We picked a size 10 (normally around a size 10-10.5). They were a bit bigger in the front than anticipated.


They also are very stretchy, so even if you get a shoe that’s a bit small, it won’t feel small because your foot will be able to stretch-fit. Vessi doesn’t have half sizes so we’d recommend going for one size below what you normally wear (compared to Nike shoes).

Final Verdict

Should you get Vessi shoes for nursing? YES.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable, easy to clean and durable. They are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about any fluids leaking through your shoes.

In addition, you can expect Vessi shoes to provide maximum comfort for your entire shift. You won’t experience as sudden of foot fatigue as you would with Dansko’s or Croc’s. But, you maintain the advantage of being waterproof and very durable.

While not all nurses might find Vessi shoes to be for them, we think that most nurses will absolutely love them. Their number one fighting point is their unmatched comfort. As we mentioned before, there really is no other shoes that compete as far as comfort is concerned.

What Nurses Are Vessi’s Good for?

Well, Vessi’s are great for not only nurses, but nursing students as well. I would’ve killed for these shoes in nursing school!

But, nurses who work in the Operating Room, surgery, Cath Lab or any other area where you would change shoes a lot can benefit from Vessi’s. In addition, nurses working on the floor where there is a high risk of having fluids spill on their feet. And, areas where nurses are on their feet all day.

In conclusion, these are some of the best shoes you can buy for nursing. As someone who wasn’t convinced at first, but after using them, you will most likely love them.

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