Vessi Footwear vs Clove Nursing Shoes Review

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We’ve been hearing a lot about these new types of nursing shoes, so we decided to check them out ourselves: Vessi Footwear vs Clove Nursing Shoes Review.

We reviewed some of the top Nike nursing shoes, but we wanted to check out some of the more unknown brands. If you haven’t heard of them, both brands (Vessi and Clove) have been gaining a lot of popularity recently.

While Clove shoes are specifically targeted at healthcare providers (such as nurses, doctors, nursing students and medical studnets). Vessi footwear is targeted at everyone, but they possess some unique qualities that make them awesome for nurses.

Today we’ll be doing a Clove shoe review. Along with a Vessi shoe review. Then, comparing the two to see which one with worth it for nurses, nursing students and other healthcare workers.

We also recently did an in-depth Vessi Footwear shoe review, so check that out as well!

Vessi Shoes for Nurses


While Vessi shoes are specifically targeted at nurses, they do have properties that make them perfect for healthcare providers.

Vessi shoes are designed for everyone to be an seemingly “indestructible” alternative to ordinary sneakers. Vessi claims that they can be worn in snow, rain, sun and even the shower because they can “do it all” (source).

All Black

We got the Men’s Everyday All Black sneaker from Vessi (10% Off Your First Vessi Order!). These are an everyday styled sneaker made for pretty much anyone. But, they’re great nursing shoes for several reasons.


Starting off with the main feature of the Vessi shoes; waterproofing. They are 100% waterproof. We don’t have to explain why this is great for nurses and nursing students. But, it is.

They have a similar style lacing system to the Clove shoes, however in our experience it isn’t as “tight”. Now, it still holds your foot in place very well, but can’t be pulled as tightly.

The shoes we choose are all black with black laces. In addition, they feature a black sole. These are great so that they don’t show stains. But, with lighter colors, they might not wipe off as easily as Clove shoes do.

Additionally, they have other features such as 4-way stretch (similar to FIGS scrubs), a very breathable top layer, lightweight materials and a comfortable feel.

The cushion is provided by antibacterial insoles and a Dyma-tex “magic layer”. This gives you a breathable, waterproof knit that keeps you cool and warm when needed.


As mentioned before, they’re extremely comfortable and that speaks when using them. They are very lightweight and don’t make your feet sweat like crazy (at least in our experience).

When running around on the floor, they held up well; with no noticeable quality control or durability issues. However, Vessi claims that waterproofing will hold up throughout the life of the shoe. But, we’ll have to wait a few years to see if that holds up.

They’re easy to slip on and off while still sticking to your feet when running around. The bottom cushion is comfortable, but supportive. And, shouldn’t cause much feet exhaustion.

The Vessi shoes are styled so that you can wear them to work, or out on a weekend – which is an appreciated feature.

Why are Clove Shoes Designed for Nurses?


Clove was founded to create a modern shoe for people on the front lines of healthcare” (source). They mainly boast that their shoes are; easy to clean, fluid resistant and endlessly comfortable.

So, why are Clove shoes good for nurses? For these simple reasons; they are functional, professional and comfortable. But, we’ll go further in-depth.

Clove Nursing Shoes


For our specific shoe, we got the Men’s Clove Shoe (Nightshift color). While they do have Men’s and Women’s shoes, both genders get the exact same colors and configurations of shoe.

The only difference between Men’s and Women’s (as far as we could tell), is in sizing.



The Clove Night Shift shoe comes with a black top exterior, and blue bottoms. There is a white insert in-between that gives a very “medical” vibe, similar to the Nike Nurses shoes. They do have a pink color, which some will appreciate, however we found that the “Night Shift” color was our favorite.

The lacing design is very unique. It consists of elastic laces with a pull-string design. This design helps keep your feet snug in the shoe, without too much play. In addition, the lacing system helps you to quickly put on your shoes in case of an emergency or easily slip them on if your hands are preoccupied.


The Clove nursing shoes are extremely comfortable when compared to similar “nursing” branded shoes. They are supportive, provide excellent cushioning and don’t seem to have any durability issues. In regards to durability, they are made from a leather-type material and feel high-quality.

Additionally, the shoes are (as mentioned before) very easy to clean. They’re incredibly easy to wipe off with a sanitary wipe. Our black color didn’t stain at all, but the lighter colors may. However, we have no doubt that they would still be easily to wipe clean.

They are fluid resistant as well, which helps add to the cleanliness of the Clove shoes. Water runs right off and with that other fluids should too. No complaints there.

Lastly, they are comfortable (also as mentioned before). Comfort is very subjective, but we have no cross-thoughts that any nurse who wears these shoes will love them.

Who are Clove Shoes for?

When it comes down to it; who are Clove Shoes for? Well, quite honestly anyone in the healthcare industry would not be dissapointed.

This can include, but isn’t limited to; nursing students, medical students, nurses, doctors or any other members of the healthcare team.

They’re perfect for nursing students because they should last throughout nursing school with no issues. And, they will help students in clinical experiences. Clove nursing shoes are also great for nurses! While they can be a bit on the pricey side, they do their job well.

Along with that, medical students and physicians won’t be disappointed either. If you’re switching out shoes regularly (going between the office and the floor), Clove provides an quick and easy way to transition.

Differences Between Vessi vs Clove Nursing Shoes

Starting off the differences of Vessi vs Clove is the design. The obvious design differences in both shoes show to what they are supposed to be used for. Vessi is more of a casual everyday shoe, while the Clove shoes are specific for work.

In addition, Vessi has a lot more styles and designs to choose from while Clove just has one simple design with 4 colors. This is not a downside however, because it does simplify the process.

Additionally, the materials used in both shoes are substantially different (depending on which Vessi shoe you go with). While both claim to be waterproof, Vessi uses a much more breathable material than Clove. But, Clove’s material is more resistant to spills, stains and easier to wipe off.

Finally, the price. Both shoes are priced around the $100-$150 mark. While Vessi can range, Clove sticks around $130 (we do have a coupon for 10% Off Your First Vessi Order).

Final Verdict

So, which nursing shoe should you go for; Clove or Vessi?

For us, if you want a strict work shoe (which we prefer), we’d go with Clove. They are quite honestly a better all-around work shoe. They’re great for nurses and nursing students who want a specific-to-work nursing shoe and change their shoes each shift.

But, if you plan on using your shoes for more than just nursing, then Vessi might be your best choice. They provide excellent comfort with the performance to wear all day. In addition, they are still waterproof and make for great nursing shoes.

By far Vessi’s biggest asset is their amount of selection. They have a lot of styles, colors and options to pick from vs Clove who only has one shoe.

Clove vs Vessi Shoes for Nursing Students

Should you get Vessi shoes for nursing school? Absolutely. We think they make great shoes for nursing students because of their ability to last throughout nursing school, keep your feet protected and comfortable.

Should you get Clove shoes for nursing school? Once again, absolutely, they also are great shoes for nursing students. In addition to durability, comfort and protection, they also are a good value for what you get. High-quality construction, premium materials and unmatched comfort for nursing shoes.

In conclusion, we don’t think you’d go wrong with any of these nursing shoes. But, when it comes to Clove vs Vessi you might have to fork up a pretty penny to purchase either one.

If you want more affordable (cheaper) alternatives, our best nursing shoes guide gives you shoes for every nurse.

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