V-TEX Waterproof Shoes Review

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In today’s review, I’ll be taking a look at the V-TEX Waterproof Shoes. These shoes are an affordable alternative to some of the most popular brands, but how good are they?

When it comes to waterproof nanotech shoes such as Vessi, we found them to be awesome shoes for nurses. However, they can be a bit on the pricey side. That’s where the V-TEX waterproof shoes come in.

They are significantly less expensive (when on sale) than Vessi, but does their quality stack up? Are they worth it over Vessi? All of your questions answered and more in this review!

If you want to check out any of the shoes featured in this review, check out V-TEX indiegogo page!

Disclaimer: Update – as of the time this article was updated you can access VTEX shoes via their website. However, the links redirect to an ended indiegogo campaign. I am not aware of when these shoes will be back on the market unfortunately.

How Do V-TEX Shoes Work?

Firstly, V-TEX uses a 4-layer-knitting technology that allows you to have a breathable outer layer while still maintaining a waterproof membrane layer. This means that you can retain waterproof-able performance without any coatings or wearable materials.

Additionally, they also use a 3D seamless technology 4that gives a 4-way stretch and 360-degrees of waterproofing. They use a form fitting breathable fabric that allows you to completely cover your entire foot.


The “nano-tech” knit keeps you foot comfortable, dry and most importantly free of any sweat. They also use a special membrane that keeps sand and other small particles out of your shoes. And finally, V-TEX uses an anti-bacterial coating that prevents mildew and bacteria from growing inside your soles (preventing odors).

V-TEX V Shark (Color: Night Warrior) & V-TEX Hello (Color: Black)

We did receive two shoes from V-TEX (V Shark & Hello). However, both shoes are very similar as far as comfort, fit, feel and build quality are concerned. So, we’ll just be going over the V Shark model for most of the review.

The biggest difference between the two is that the Hello shoe has an extra adjustment strap around the back heel, although we never had to adjust it at all.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, the V-TEX shoes had a surprising high-quality build. They didn’t seem like they were extremely cheap or that they cut corners.

Our biggest gripe was the rubber material that they used for the laces. It was less sturdy than we would’ve liked to see, however with use, there was no noticeable lack in support due to this (it was more of an appearance preference).

The other big problem we had was the logo on the V Shark shoes. They include the text “waterproof”, and we’d really prefer a much cleaner logo design like on the Hello shoes.

In The Box


In the box, you get an extra set of soles. These are supposed to be extra cooling soles, if you need more room or if your old ones wear out. So, they have several uses depending on what you need.

In addition, you get a card with cleaning instructions, usage instructions and how to access their support resources. Finally, we received a carrying bag for our shoes in the box, which was a super nice touch!

Performance (Fit & Feel)

As far as performance goes, these shoes felt pretty good. They aren’t as cushiony as Vessi shoes are, however, they did provide a good amount of support for just having a knit outer console.

The waterproofing works very well and you should have no problems there. For comfort after long periods of time, we had no issues with fatigue. They seemed to provide a good amount of comfort to walk around all day without problems. Although, if you are in a nursing position that walks a lot, then you might want to consider Vessi or Clove.

Additionally, the V-TEX shoes are very very lightweight. They don’t feel like a cheap lightweight, but an intended reduction of weight for usage purposes. So, this is a good thing.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, how do V-TEX shoes stack up against the competition? Well, pretty good. For their price, they seem to be a pretty good value. While they didn’t make our Best Nursing Shoes list, they are one of our top choices when it comes to everyday shoes.

We have been using these shoes everyday for about a week now and they have held up extremely well. I’ve been taking them to the gym, in the rain, and out to stores. They do well in all of those situations. One of the coolest features (no pun intended) is their ability to keep your foot cold. The breathability of these shoes is on a whole other level!

In the end, if you want to check out V-TEX or their shoes, visit their Indiegogo page or Facebook page to check them out!

All shoes in this review were provided to us at no charge, however this does not bias our review.

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