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Today, in the TiScrubs Review I’ll be taking a look at this newer brand of scrubs and how they stack up against the other top nursing scrubs.

When it comes to the best scrubs for nurses, I’ve already taken a look at a lot of different brands. However, TiScrubs is a brand that I didn’t even know about until recently. But, they sent over some samples to test out, so of course I had to try them out.

For nurses (and other medical professionals), many are looking for a few simple things in a pair of scrubs. Typically, you want scrubs that are comfortable all-day long, that are cool and breathable, and that look good. When you combine all three of these attributes, you get a pretty good scrub.

TiScrubs was originally designed for dentists and people who work in the dental community (dental aids, dental hygienists, etc.). And, while they are marketed towards them, they double as scrubs for the nursing and medical communities as well. So, we’ll be taking them for a test run to see how they perform from a nurse’s day-to-day perspective.

What Are TiScrubs?

TiScrubs was started by Natalie Busch in 2012 (read more). She had a goal of coming up with better scrubs for her husband, a dentist. And, that goal blossomed into the TiScrubs we have today.

Emily, RN-BSN

They have the simple focus of creating a better scrub for healthcare and medical professionals. “Ti” standards for their Titanium rule, “Treat others the way that you want to be treated.“. It is their guiding principle.

TiScrubs Stretch Collection Review

TiScrubs sent over their popular Stash-Pocket Scrub Top and Stretch Perfect Jogger Scrub Pants for review. These are both women’s clothing, however they do have men’s options in the same “Stretch Collection“. While fit might be a bit different for the women’s versions, the material and feel should represent the men’s as well.

Women’s Stash-Pocket Scrub Top


Starting off with the Stash-Pocket Scrub Top. We received a charcoal gray top. It came in pretty standard packaging with a high-quality feeling tag. Nothing to complain as far as packaging goes, but nothing super exciting either.


The build quality of the top is excellent. It is lightweight, and feels very premium. It has a heavier feel than Dolan scrubs, but feels just as high of quality. Additionally, they have an antimicrobial finish with a moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant material.

There are 2 “stash pockets” on either side of the top. These are hidden and allow for a decent amount of storage.

The material blend is 97% performance polyester and 3% spandex. This blend provides an adequate amount of stretch with a lightweight performance material. It feels very cool and comfortable. In addition, the material blend helps add to the premium feel.

At first feel, we were extremely impressed with the quality of the actual material and stitching. The sides have stretch panels to help with comfort and fit. For fit, the top is slimming without being too tight (also very true size fit).

Women’s Stretch Perfect Jogger Scrub Pants


Next up is the Stretch Perfect Jogger Scrub Pants. Again, we received their charcoal gray colorway. It came in the same packaging as the top with the same high-quality tag. Nothing super-special, but nothing bad either.


The material is the same blend as the top with a 97% performance polyester and a 3% spandex. Additionally, the same applies, a high-quality premium stretch blend that’s extremely cool. The jogger scrub bottoms still feature an antimicrobial finish, moisture-wicking properties, wrinkle-resistance, and no-fade properties.

The jogger pants have 2 traditional pockets on either side with a lower leg pocket. The leg pocket has several compartments for storing whatever you might need throughout your shift.

As far as fit is concerned, they contour the body very well. They accent natural curves, and are naturally slimming as well. In addition, they have the same great feel as the top and accent it very well (also very true size fit).

The back portion of the scrubs has a mesh material to help keep you cool as well as add stretch properties. There are two heavy-duty feeling front strings that can be used for adjustments if needed.

Shift Performance

As far as wearing them all day goes, they perform great. The material is incredibly stretchy without sacrificing comfort. They will keep you very cool, so if you are a bit more of a cold-body, then you might want to consider their jacket.

In comparison to other popular brands such as FIGS or Grey’s Anatomy, they hold their own. Depending on what type you get, you might sacrifice comfort for performance or vice-versa. However, TiScrubs are excellent for a long shift where you will be moving around all-day.

NFL Scrubs & Fun Prints


Another cool thing is that TiScrubs actually teamed up with the NFL to provide a number of different player and team themed scrubs. There are a ton of different options from different teams that you can choose from.

In addition, they also have a lot of just “print” scrub tops. These tops have various designs on them from bananas to a 20/20 Snellen chart. These scrubs all are 100% polyester, so they won’t have the same stretch levels as the “stretch collection”, but a really cool design!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TiScrubs are an excellent choice for nurses, doctors, dentists, and anyone else in the medical community. They provide a high-level of stretch and performance without sacrificing quality. Additionally, they feel very well-built with an expected life of “almost too long“.

While other scrub brands might provide a bit more comfort or durability in some areas, TiScrubs are perfect if you are on your feet all day. They will keep you cool throughout a long shift, and provide an excellent level of performance.

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