How to Prepare for Nursing School

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How should you prepare for nursing school, and nursing school clinicals? Today we’re going to be going over some our best ways to prepare yourself for the crazy journey that is nursing school!

When it comes to getting into nursing school, it can be a whole journey in itself. However, starting school is a whole different beast entirely. We decided to ask some of our nurse friends and see what their best preparation tips were.

It can be scary starting nursing school, but with the right accessories, guidance, education, and mentality you can easily conquer anything it throws at you!

What Do You Need to Prepare for Nursing School?

So, what exactly do you need to prepare for nursing school and clinicals?

Well, it starts with the right accessories, equipment and gear. You need to focus on having the correct tools to not only help you pass your classes, but care for your patients safely.

Additionally, you need to have the right educational materials. These can include textbooks, study guides, flashcards, and coloring books (must-have accessories for nursing school). We highly recommend checking other sources for textbooks (such as Amazon), because of the price differences from your school’s bookstore.

Next, you’ll need the appropriate guidance. It is very valuable to have a seasoned nurse or senior nursing student to help you get through school.

Luckily, we have a whole section of our blog dedicated to nursing students. But, you can join a mentorship or tutor program to help meet older students. Or, try to find a friend in one of your classes that can just be a simple study partner.

Finally, having a strong mentality is vital for any nursing student. Nursing school will be hard. But, if you have the right mentality about studying, educating yourself, and participating in class/labs/clinical, then you’ll have a much smoother experience!

Tips to Prepare for Nursing School

1. Get a Study Partner

Having a study partner or study buddy can be useful for several reasons. Firstly, you might miss things in class that your study buddy might catch (or vice versa). You can help fill each other in on due assignments, test preparation, and practice clinical skills with one another. Additionally, having someone to study with can really help you tune-in what you need to focus on.

2. Be Ready to Study

Along with having a study partner, being ready to study is also important. While a lot of students might have not had to study before for previous courses, nursing school is different. You will have to study. So, going in with the expectation of studying, and figuring out what your strategy will be is incredibly valuable.

Want to know how to study for nursing school? We have a whole article dedicated to that too!

3. Talk to Senior Students & Nurses

Talking to senior nursing students, or nurses who have gone through nursing school already can greatly benefit you. It can be really helpful to talk to someone who has figured out what processes they like to use and what works for them. This can help you shape your own strategies for success. While you might not copy exactly what they do, it can help you create your own study habits and prepare mentally.

4. Get to Know Your Teachers

You should receive the teachers/professors emails prior to actual classes starting. So, it can be helpful to send them an email asking what exactly their expectations are for the class, what materials you need, and what you can do to prepare. Additionally, they might even give you some useful tips for studying for their specific class.

5. Make Friends

Similar to finding a study buddy, it is very important to make friends in nursing school. This might sound like a pretty obvious tip, but I cannot begin to describe how helpful your friends can be in tough situations. Whether you’re struggling in school, out of school, need help or just want some people to hangout with on weekends, nursing school friends will be there for you!

Final Thoughts

Nursing school can be challenging, but with the right guidance, mindset and knowledge you can get through it. Remember that everyone there wants you to succeed and will be willing to give your the proper help if you ask. We have a lot of resources on our website that can be useful for students and nurses alike. Whether it’s going through nursing school or just starting as a new nurse, use our free resources as much as you want.

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