On Cloud Running Shoes for Nurses Review

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In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Best On Cloud Running Shoes for Nurses and how they stack up against the competition. What are On Running Shoes? Are they good shoes for nurses? Doctors? Medical students? We’ll be answering all of those questions and more.

A lot of medical professionals in the hospital scene have been seen wearing Hoka One One Shoes. We’ve already taken a look at those type of running shoes for nurses, and found that they’re awesome. However, recently there has been a switch towards a newer brand known as On Running.

So, we sought out to get a pair for ourselves and see just how well they performed. So, in this On Cloud Running Shoes Review, we’ll be going over the features, performance and final thoughts in regards to the shoes. And, we’ll also be giving you our purchase thoughts.

Most importantly, we’ll be taking a look at how On-Running compares to other popular nursing shoes, such as Hoka One One.

ON Women’s Sneaker
  • Fabric: Mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Cushioned collar and footbed
  • Lace-up closure
  • Round toe
ON Women’s Low-top Sneaker
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Signature speed-lacing with elastic laces
  • Updated Speedboard
  • Zero-Gravity foam
  • Round toe
On Men’s Cloud 5 Sneakers
  • Fabric: Mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Cushioned collar and footbed, Reflective accents
  • Lace-up closure
  • Round toe
On Men’s Cloud Sneakers
  • Fabric: Mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight and breathable, Signature speed-lacing with elastic laces
  • Round toe

What are On Cloud Shoes?


On Cloud Shoes are made by On-Running. On-Running is a running shoe company based out of Switzerland. As of 2019, they held 40% of the athletic shoe market in Switzerland and 10% in Germany (source). According to one firm, On owns about 6% of the running-performance shoe market in the United States.


On was first incorporated in 2010. They were founded by a Swiss Ironman Champion, and have since been proud to boast their Cloudtec technology.

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Are On Running Shoes Comfortable?

On Running shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever tried. They even rival the likes of Hoka One One. When walking around all day the Cloudflow shoes, they provide tons of support, comfort and help to keep nurse’s going all day long.

Are On Running Shoes Waterproof?


On Running does make a waterproof shoe. While not all of their shoes are waterproof, nurses who need a waterproof shoe can still get it! These Waterproof Mesh Lunar Trainers offer a lot of features, still packed into the same form factor.

They feature the same CloudTec cushioning technology that is active during the foot strike. Additionally, they use lightweight and flexible soles made from Zero-Gravity foam. And, finally, the upper portions have a water and windproof mesh with synthetic overlays to provide waterproofing.

Best On Cloud Running Shoes for Nurses

Our top pick’s for the Best On-Running Shoes for Nurses! A lot of healthcare professions, including nurses, seem to heavily favor the Cloudflow product from On-Running.

Why? Well, they are best for a mix of different activities as well as being incredibly lightweight. So, for nurses, these work very well with their day-to-day 12-hour shifts.

In addition, the size and fit of the Cloudflows is true to size making it even easier for most people to get into these shoes.

As far as sustainability is concerned, On uses about 20% recycled content in these shoes along with 70% recycled polyester.


On uses a special Cloudflow technology to help your natural gait. CloudTec uses a Helion superfoam for a fast, responsive feel, and a fully cushioned step. Additionally, the Speedboard helps load every stride with spring-like energy.

Each of these pieces of technology work together to create an elite experience. The Cloudflow shoes help provide propulsion to your natural step while still providing a lot of comfort in the sole.

Running Women’s Cloudflow


Running Men’s Cloudflow


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, should nurses be wearing On Cloud Running Shoes? In our opinion, On-Running Shoes are an awesome choice for nurses (and other healthcare professionals).

Why? The Cloud-Tec technology is incredibly good at comforting your foot on every step. With normal gait, you should easily see an improvement in comfort on a day-to-day basis versus other shoes.

Additionally, On-Running Shoes are great for nurses on their feet all day or for nurses with plantar fasciitis. They help to improve natural gait, and just provide plain overall comfort all day long. Healthcare workers are ecstatic about these shoes, and there’s really no question why!

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