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What are the Best Nursing Student Gifts or Someone in Nursing School? Today we’re going to be exploring the top gift ideas for nursing students, or someone in nursing school.

There are a lot of different things nursing students need for school. They range from fairly cheap to pretty expensive. Today we’ll take a look at several different gift ideas that nursing students can actually use, ranging from various prices. Additionally, we’ll add explanations to each item, as to why they’re perfect.

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What Do Nursing Students Need?

When it comes to nursing school, nursing students will have different needs. Some things might be carried over from previous school years or even passed down from student to student.

However, each nursing student still needs several things to be successful in nursing school. If you’re looking at getting a summer job as a nursing student, then you might need shoes, scrubs or even a stethoscope! Or, you might even want some gift cards for coffee.

There are a lot of nursing student gifts, and that’s why today we’re going over over 10 of our top choices. Whether you’re looking for yourself, a child or someone you love, there is something on this list for everyone!

If you want to submit your own gift ideas, please feel free to contact us!

What Gift Should You Get a Nursing Student?

If you’re looking to give a gift to a nursing student, then look no further. We’re going to go over some of the best options for you. However, if you want to look for something with a more unique touch, then there are a few guidelines to follow.

Nursing students will love anything and everything related to their major. If you can find something that will make schoolwork, clinical work, or college life easier, they will love it.

Most students probably don’t have a ton of extra cash, so even just a cash gift or gift card works great. Although, maybe try to find one of their favorite restaurants or coffee shops on campus so it’s easier to redeem. In addition, you might even want to look for something that can be used in their personal space to help them study better.

If you’re a parent or friend of a nursing student, even just a visit to their campus (or a night out) might suffice as an awesome gift. Whatever you end up choosing, just remember that nursing school is very challenging, and keeping a nursing student’s spirits up is key!

12 Best Nursing Student Gifts

1. Nursing Scrubs

One of the best gifts for nursing students (and most obvious ones), is a set of good nursing scrubs. While we have a guide to the best scrubs for nurses, a few of are favorites are: FIGS, DOLAN, and the Cherokee Infinity.

Scrubs are a great gift for students for several reasons. For one, they are fairly expensive. Another is that all students usually have to wear scrubs for at least a portion of nursing school. In addition, they should still be able to use their scrubs long after school is over for their full-time job!

2. Nursing Shoes


Another great gift that all nursing students need are shoes! Nursing shoes are a great gift for those students who still haven’t gotten their all white shoes yet. Most schools require students to have all white shoes. However, if they can wear whatever they want, then get them one of our top choices for best nursing shoes.

Having good nursing shoes is important for several reasons. Number one being the condition and health of your feet. Nurses and nursing students can be on their feet for long periods of time. Proper support is necessary to prevent injury.

3. Stethoscope


Next up is a pretty obvious, yet very useful gift for a nursing student. A stethoscope is a nurse’s bread and butter. Having a quality stethoscope is incredibly important for obvious reasons (listening to lung sounds, heart sounds).

Stethoscopes can be fairly expensive, so providing them as a gift can be a big relief for a student nurse. Additionally, you can get them engraved or personalized to add a personal touch!

4. Gift Card


Super simple gift, but again super useful. Gift cards can be more meaningful than any gift, because they said “I know you need money“. Student nurses can be tight on cash, so a simple Starbucks or Amazon gift card can go a long way!

Gift cards are also great gifts because you can spend literally as much money as you want. So, it gives you flexibility as a gift giver, and still provides an awesome gift.

5. School Supplies


Accessories for nursing school are very important for success. You will need certain school supplies such as highlighters, binders, notepads and other items. But, in nursing school it is vital to stay organized.

Organization is key and color coding makes it very easy. Providing color coding supplies or basic school supplies can be a very good gift to any nursing student. Study Plans

The study plans are great choices for students who wish to add an extra layer of materials to their study regimen. In addition to the study materials, there is a plethora of NCLEX prep material as well.

It is important for students to have a multitude of different choices to study from. While some students might study well with some materials, it might not work well for others. So, having choices is very useful.

Finally, getting ahead of studying for tests or even the NCLEX is vital for a successful nursing school career. The following plans are awesome choices for a nursing student because of their pure utility.

6. NCLEX Prep

The NCLEX Prep plan is an awesome choice for any nursing student. This all-inclusive prep plan includes 5 SIMCLEX attempts, a comprehensive NCLEX review ebook, pre-built NCLEX study plans, NCLEX prep course (328 lessons), and 6,500+ practice questions. In addition, they have a 200% NCLEX pass guarantee.

7. Nursing Study Study Guides


Another similar choice is a membership to’s study guide plan. It provides over 300+ PDF nursing cheatsheets, 300+ nursing mnemonics, 700+ medical images, 400+ Picmonics, and 8 ebooks. The study membership allows you complete access to all their resources and is a great choice for nursing students that want some extra study material.

8. Fun Badge Reels


Badge reels are an awesome inexpensive gift for any nursing student. They’ll need one to put their hospital/school badges on. So, not only does it provide some utility, but also is a fun personality expression.

9. Backpack


Another super simple option that would fit pretty much any college student, but a great gift non-the-less. While each student’s still might vary, you can start off with some great options from Nike or Under Armour.

10. Water Bottle


Water bottles are another simple, yet effective gift for a nursing student. Drinking water is vital for studying, functioning in a school setting, and just life in general. Providing a student with a stylish water bottle that keeps them hydrated throughout the day is one of the best gifts you can give.

11. Amazon Prime Membership


Amazon Prime is one of the best gifts to give any college student. Why? Well, the benefits are endless… You get free shipping (sometimes even same-day), unlimited access to over a million songs, unlimited access to Prime Video, and unlimited full-resolution photo storage and video storage (5GB).

It sounds silly, but as soon as you start listing out the benefits, it’s actually a really great gift for someone!

12. Apartment or Home Decor


The “Off to College” section provides a slew of great gift ideas for dorm rooms, or college apartments. There is a range of study space ideas, cooking utensils, and fun tech. Even headphones that are noise cancelling or a Bluetooth speaker are good choices.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to the best gifts for nursing students, we highly recommend choosing something based on your students unique journey. Whether they want something to help them study, or something for their apartment, ask them!

The easiest way to get a great gift is asking them what they need. Providing them with something they can use everyday to be successful in nursing school is the best way to go!

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