Best Nursing Clipboard Foldable With Storage

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What is the Best Nursing Clipboard Foldable with Storage? Today we’re going over our top choices for folding clipboards. Whether you’re a nursing student or full time nurse there’s an option here for you!

Nurses use clipboards to keep track of their patient’s, medications, scheduled procedures and pretty much everything else on their shifts. Nursing clipboards used to be janky, large and hard to carry, but in recent years there has been a surge of lightweight, portable clipboards. Some nursing clipboards come with calculators and even cheat sheets!

Why Nurses Use Clipboards

Nurses use clipboards or report sheets to take report from other nurses, doctors or other healthcare professionals. It is difficult to keep track of your patients for the day (especially if you have 5-6).

Writing down information helps nurses organize their thoughts and visualize the day’s schedule. A lot of nurses will write their day out including medications, procedure schedules and other events that are important.

It can be a time consuming part of your morning and smoothing out this process is vital. This can happen every shift, therefore, you should have the best nursing clipboard you can get!

Best Foldable Nursing Clipboard

The best foldable nursing clipboards with storage have several color and layout options.

These foldable nursing clipboards come with cheat sheets on the back side. It is easily accessible and can be read quickly in an intense situation. The reference decals are perfect for nursing students, RNs, medical students or doctors!

This folding nursing clipboard will fit easily in your scrub pocket or lab coat pocket. Also, there is storage for a pen or pencil and clip to secure papers. It is lightweight and portable. These are the “ultimate nursing clipboards” because they have all of the features you want on a 12 hour shift! In conclusion, these nursing clipboards have storage, are foldable and have quick medical references making them a great choice for nurses!

Folding nursing clipboards make great gifts for new grad nurses. Additionally, there are some other awesome gifts for new nurse grads!

Best Nursing Clipboard with Calculator and Storage

Officemate Clipboard with Calculator


The Officemate Slim Clipboard Box with Calculator is a great option for nurses looking for a good clipboard with calculator. It includes dual batteries that are solar powered, to make sure the calculator doesn’t die. In addition, it features a large compartment for papers or notepads and a pen or pencil compartment. It also has a spot for paper clips.

Prestige Medical Nurse Clipboard


A foldable clipboard with storage is a nurse’s best friend. These are some of the best nursing clipboards we could find! What is the best nursing clipboard on Amazon? What is the best nursing clipboard with calculator and storage? And, the best nursing clipboard cheat sheet!

The Prestige Medical 3309 Nursing Clipboard (in pink) is a great cheat sheet clipboard with calculator! Unfortunately, this clipboard doesn’t feature any storage compartments, but does have a great cheat sheet printed on the face. Other features it includes are a clock, timer, alarm and calculator all-in-one, along with heavy-duty ASB plastic construction.

OIC Slim Clipboard Storage Box


The Officemate Slim Clipboard Storage Box is another great option for nurses who want a clipboard with storage. It features a storage area for pens or pencils and paper or notepads. The Officemate nursing clipboard is slim enough to fit into your backpack or carrying bag and features a clip on the outside. Additionally, it is also one of the cheapest nursing clipboards you can find on Amazon!

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