NCLEX Quick Results (Explained)

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NCLEX Quick Results are one of the unofficial ways to see if you passed the NCLEX. However, there can be some confusion around NCLEX Quick Results: what they are, when you can get them and how to interpret them.

Today I’ll be going over the NCLEX (RN/PN) Quick Results and how they might apply to you. If you don’t know already, Pearson Vue Quick Results can be a very good sign that you passed the NCLEX. However, the Quick Results are different from the Pearson Vue Trick. So, knowing what they are and how to interpret them can be important.

Story time – when I took the NCLEX, I was terrified after the test. My test shut-off at 60 questions (which has changed from 75 questions, and will be changing again). I was really nervous that I did not pass. However, right after the test I tried the Pearson Vue Trick, but it wasn’t working (it was too early after taking the exam). So, I waited a few hours and tried again – it said I passed!

Even though the PVT said I passed, I still wasn’t convinced. So, I anxiously waited a few days after the test and finally received the email for the quick results. Then, I paid the $7.95 to see my results early, and I PASSED! I was ecstatic. While this helped ease my anxiety about my results, I still wasn’t 100% convinced.

So, I waited even longer for the official results, and found out that I was now a registered nurse! It was an exciting journey, but nerve racking. Something that really helped me get through it was ensuring that I studied appropriately and did the best NCLEX preparation that I could get my hands on.


What Are NCLEX Quick Results?


NCLEX Quick Results are the “unofficial” results offered 48 hours after taking the exam. You can purchase quick results directly through Pearson. While they technically are unofficial results, they are sold by the official test maker Pearson Vue.


You can choose to purchase them right when they are available, or anytime after the 48 hour wait is done. I would highly recommend paying for the unofficial results. Purchasing the quick results can help ease anxiety, so you don’t have to wait the full time to know if you passed or not.

Pearson Vue Quick Results vs Trick

The Pearson Vue Quick Results and Trick are both unofficial ways of seeing if you have passed the NCLEX exam prior to getting the official results. However, the Quick Results are an endorsed method from Pearson. The Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) is not paid for and is definitely not endorsed by Pearson. You can read more about how to do the PVT here.

How Long Does it Take to Get NCLEX Quick Results?

NCLEX Quick Results are released 48 hours (2 business days) after taking the NCLEX exam. However, depending on when you take your exam, this can affect when you receive the ability to purchase the results.

If you take your test on a Friday, then you might have to wait a bit longer to see your results due to the weekend not being business days.

Are NCLEX Quick Results 48 Hours From Start or Finish?

Quick results are available 48 hours after you finish your NCLEX exam. Technically the 48 hours are 2 business days, so it can be closer to the beginning of your test instead of the end.

But, in all honesty, if it was after the start it would only make a difference of a few hours anyways.

Do NCLEX Quick Results Really Take 48 Hours?

Yes, the NCLEX Quick Results will take the full 48 hours to become available. However, if you want to ease your anxiety, you can use the Pearson Vue Trick to see unofficial results just a few hours after the test. The Pearson Vue Trick allows you to “get your quick results” prior to 48 hours.

Can You Get NCLEX Quick Results on the Weekend?

The official answer is that it takes 2 business days to see your quick results. So, if you took your test 2 business days before a Saturday, then you will be able to see your quick results on the weekend. Although, you might have to wait until Monday in some cases.

How Accurate Are the Quick Results?

The quick results are relatively accurate when it comes to telling if you passed the NCLEX or not. If they say you passed, then chances are very high that you passed.

However, if it says you failed, then you might still pass the test. They are unofficial results, and Pearson Vue might deem one of your questions or answer correct, and it could change the result of your test.

What if Quick Results are FAIL?

If your NCLEX Quick Results are fail, don’t worry just yet. These are still unofficial results and there might be a chance that you could pass. It is more common to quick results be “failing”, but you still pass than the other way around.

However, it is important to make sure you prepare for the NCLEX the best you can to ensure you pass the first time!

Unfortunately, if you receive the fail results, then I would highly recommend to start studying again. It is important to jump right back on the horse so that you retain as much information as you can.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, NCLEX Quick Results are a great way directly through Pearson Vue to see results. While these results are “unofficial”, they are still an outstanding indicator to whether or not you passed the NCLEX.

They can help ease your anxiety about your results, and potentially help you start studying again if you failed.

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