Jaanuu Scrubs Review: Superior Comfort for Nurses?

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When it comes to nursing scrubs, Jaanuu is one brand that many nurses look towards for quality, comfort and performance. Why?

Well, today we’re going to take a look at why Jaanuu Scrubs are some of the most popular scrubs for nurses and healthcare workers alike.

A lot of people ask, what does Jaanuu mean? Jaanuu is derived from the Hindi word Jaan, which means life. Their motto is, “In reverence to all that life challenges us to face, accept and overcome. Through life’s journey, we grow” (source).

They are easily one of the fastest growing and popular scrub brands on the market and are in steep competition with FIGS, Grey’s Anatomy and some of the other best nursing scrubs.

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Jaanuu Scrubs Review


How do Jaanuu Scrubs fit? How do they compare to other top scrubs? Should nursing students get Jaanuu? All of these questions and more we’ll be attempting to answer, so that you have the answer on what nursing scrubs to get!

Keep in mind, for this review we used this set of scrubs (male) and this set of scrubs (female) for review purposes.


Build Quality

Starting off with the fit, finish and build quality of Jaanuu Scrubs. Firstly is their FORMINAFLEX Fabric. This is an ultra-soft, two-way stretch fabric that has superior performance. It is designed to have excellent color-retention (fade resistance), wrinkle resistance, and moisture wicking support.

They also claim that each piece of fabric is engineered from only the premium stuff and cut with the sharpest of precision. In addition, Jaanuu uses ultra-soft fabric that is antimicrobial finished. This means that you don’t have to worry about bacteria or other issues with your scrubs.

The stitching and thought put into the design really does show how top-tier build quality makes a difference, even with something as simple as medical scrubs.


If you’re looking for nursing scrubs that perform, than Jaanuu are one of the top competitors. They are incredible comfortable, look great and have a unique feel. With the drawstring pants, you get five pockets.


You heard me right…five! This is a huge amount of storage, which is very useful, especially on certain units. There are two front slant pockets and three deep patch pockets. This means that you should have enough room to carry around as many flushes as possible.

Additionally, the top comes with a storage pocket for pens or a badge. There are two different types of tops (3 pocket and regular). The 3 pocket adds two side pockets in addition to the pen pocket.. It does add to the unique, modern look of the scrubs though.

Finally, all of their scrubs come in sizes XXS-3X (short, regular and tall) so that no nurse or medical professional is left out.


When it comes to looks, Jaanuu scrubs don’t disappoint in this category either. They are very modern, sleek and stylish while still maintaining a professional appearance.


When comparing Jaanuu to other scrubs such as FIGS, they have a more “flat” or modern appearance. Although both scrubs do offer choices such as joggers, the fit and feel of Jaanuu is extremely unique.

The fabric they use, or their FORMINAFLEX Fabric, looks incredibly silky smooth. They have an awesome appearance to them that makes you feel and look expensive.

In addition, when it comes to hiding the unwanted curves, Jaanuu scrubs do a great job of flattering any body type.

Are Jaanuu Scrubs Good for Nursing Students?

Should nursing students get Jaanuu scrubs? Well, absolutely–if your school allows it! These are a great choice for nursing students who are working as Nurse Techs, Nursing aids or any other type of school-related clinical position.

Also, if you’re a nursing student and sign up for Prime for Students, you can get a free 6-months and get your scrubs even faster (or a standard 1-month free trial)!

Are Jaanuu Scrubs Good for Nurses?

Jaanuu scrubs are a great option for nurses who want a very good-looking, functional and modern pair of scrubs. Additionally, for other medical professionals and healthcare workers, the same applies.

Jaanuu vs Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

When it comes to Grey’s Anatomy vs Jaanuu scrubs, we’re going to have to side with Jaanuu. They’re an incredible value for the amount of performance, aesthetics and material quality that you get.

However, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs will always have a special place in our heart.

Jaanuu vs FIGS Scrubs

With FIGS vs Jaanuu, it’s a tough competition. On one side, FIGS are one of the best scrubs on the market right now. However, they’re very expensive, even when compared to Jaanuu. So, we’d leave it up to you; FIGS are better, but more expensive.

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