How To Get Free Crocs For Nurses & Healthcare Workers

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This is the process of how to get free crocs for nurses and how to get free crocs for healthcare workers. This is our personal experience with this offer, your experience might vary.

Before we get started, a HUGE thank you to Crocs for helping out healthcare workers and frontline workers. If you are interested in this offer or anything else from Crocs please check them out!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting us all in different ways. For us healthcare workers, we are on the frontlines helping to provide care to COVID-19 patients as well as our normal patient loads too (people don’t stop getting sick).

How To Get Your Free Crocs (Nurses, Nursing Students, Nursing Aids)

Head Over To The Croc’s COVID-19 Request Page

UPDATE 6/30/2020: As of now, Croc’s has discontinued this program. But, you should still show them support and who knows, they might bring it back!

We all know Crocs are some of the best shoes for healthcare workers. But they can be expensive. If you were ever wondering why Crocs are so expensive, there’s a great article explaining why.

So how can nurses and other healthcare workers get their free pair of crocs?

Well once you’ve decided you want to brave the extremely busy and competitive line to get your free pair of Crocs you’ll want to visit their official COVID-19 request page. Once you’re on the page, you’ll see a message that reads either “Thank you, please come back tomorrow” or “Get In Line!”.

The “thank you come back tomorrow” that basically means to sign on tomorrow because you missed the line for the day (the line does not open on weekends, just weekdays). Croc’s website time zone seems to operate in EST (Eastern Standard Time) and you should adjust your timezone accordingly!

I tried several times to get my pair of Crocs, but I was struggling to get very far in line. I did have several friends and colleagues that were using hospital computers that had greater success than I did, but every time I tried, I was on a home computer and not having much luck.

Get In Line

You need to click a “get in line” button to be put in line. It will not do it automatically so you will have to refresh your page. We found it was best to get in line around 11:15a.m., even though it was possible to get in line as early as 10:00 a.m.

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Once in line, you’re greeted with a loading bar that shows you your progress. This loading bar usually moves extremely quickly and if you’re going to be getting Crocs that day, you’ll most likely be met with the “Thank You” page before 12:30p.m.

Verification And Shipping

Once you have made it to the end of the line for free Croc’s for nurses and healthcare workers. You are greeted with a page that requests that you fill out necessary information. This information includes your name, shipping address and a hospital (or work) email.

This is how Croc’s verifies that you are a healthcare employee. They state that you should receive a confirmation for shipping within a few hours and a verification email within a day or two. But, in my experience I never received a verification email to my hospital email. I only received a shipping notification to my personal email.

Shortly after receiving the shipping email I found out what color of Croc’s I would receive. I ended up getting some chocolate brown Croc’s.

I am excited and satisfied with my Croc’s and received my pair within 2 days of making it through the line. It was an extremely pleasant experience overall. I highly recommend checking out Croc’s website and their products, because they are a great choice for nursing footwear.

Again, thank you very much to Croc’s and the other sponsors working with them on this project. There are a lot of companies helping out front line workers and nurses.

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