DOLAN Scrubs Review

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Today in the DOLAN Scrubs Review we’ll be taking a look at one of the newer premium brands of nursing scrubs. In addition, we’ll see how they stack up against some of the most popular best scrub brands on the market like FIGS, Greys Anatomy, and more!

As nursing scrubs become more and more of a fashion statement, there are more premium start-up brands coming up everyday. One of these is DOLAN. DOLAN has a commitment to excellence, quality, and above all, the environment. They take a unique approach at not only the scrubs they produce, but the community and environment around them.


Today we’ll be exploring the best of what DOLAN has to offer along with how they compare to some of the best scrubs for nurses out there. Additionally, we’ll be giving you some of our real-world thoughts, sizing guide, and what to expect when ordering a pair of DOLAN scrubs. Finally, you’ll get our final thoughts and purchase recommendations.

We also would like to say that DOLAN offers SCRUBS for MEN, and WOMEN. However, our review will mostly be centered around the WOMEN’S SCRUBS. The MEN’S collections are very similar, just obviously sized for MEN!

With that being said, let’s get into it!

Who is DOLAN?

DOLAN is a premium scrub brand founded by Jodie Dolan. They make medical scrubs for men and women, and accessories like masks, scrub caps, and detergent. DOLAN is set up to compete with the best-of-the-best such as FIGS, Grey’s Anatomy, and other premium scrub brands.

Impact & Sustainability

You can learn more about DOLAN’s Mission here. But, essentially, they use their non-profit to help donate 1 pound of clean laundry every time someone purchases a pair of scrubs (1 clothing purchase = 1 pound of clean laundry for the homeless)!



When it comes to choosing between Dolan’s collects, CORE vs TLC, you’ll have to look at the features you’re interested in. From a price point perspective, they’re almost identical with the TLC coming in at just slightly more expensive.

What do you get for your money?

DOLAN CORE Scrubs Overview

Starting off with the DOLAN CORE Scrubs. The CORE scrubs have a more relaxed fit with a traditional feel. If you’re looking for a more “modern” or slim fit, then size down. Additionally, they have a blend of materials to help provide the best combination of comfort, durability, and productivity.

The 78% polyester, 17% rayon, and 5% spandex blend should help boost performance while maintaining a strong comfort. The rayon is a bamboo material that is extremely soft, yet also very stretchy. Spandex also aids the materials with stretch and movement. Then, the polyester helps to blend it all together with a quick-dry, lightweight fabric.

  • Soft and durable fabric that is smooth with a durable construction
  • 4-way stretch for maximum comfort, movement, and workability
  • Antimicrobial engineering for a odor-free, and microbe-free fabric

Mission 2-Pocket CORE Scrub Top

  • 2-pockets
    • 1 chest pocket with 1 pen pocket
  • Contrast stitch detailing
  • Short sleeve drop shoulder with split neck
  • 78% polyester / 17% rayon / 5% spandex

Hope 11-Pocket CORE Scrub Jogger Pant

  • 11-pockets for maximum storage and productivity (there is a 6-pocket version as well)
    • 3 cargo pockets
    • 2 pen pockets
    • 2 front pockets
    • 2 back pockets
    • 1 zip welt pocket
    • 1 small pocket
  • High-rise jogger or pant with a contrast rib waistband and elastic drawstring
  • 78% polyester / 17% rayon / 5% spandex

DOLAN TLC Scrubs Overview

Next up is the flagship DOLAN TLC Scrubs. The TLC Scrubs are designed to be an extremely lightweight and comfortable scrub set. This means that the rayon is the dominating material and keeps an extremely soft feel.

The TLC fabric is made of recycled polyester. DOLAN uses a special twisted yarn that helps to keep you as dry and cool as possible. While they maintain a high amount of stretch, there is no spandex used. The stretch actually comes from the way the fabric is woven. This means that no spandex being used is even better for the planet!

  • Described as “featherweight”, extremely lightweight, flexible and soft fabric
  • Moisture wicking to help keep you cool and dry
  • Anti-static properties
  • Antimicrobial properties engineered to stop odors and microbes
  • Made with recycled materials

Huntington 7-Pocket TLC Scrub Jogger Pant

  • 7 pockets for storage and productivity
    • 3 cargo pockets
    • 2 front pockets
    • 2 back pockets
  • Pull-on, high-waisted jogger pant
  • Ribbed cuffs and elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring

Walker Drop Shoulder 2-Pocket TLC Scrub Top

  • 2 pockets
    • 1 chest pocket 1 pen pocket
  • Relaxed v-neck tee design with dropped shoulders
  • Ribbed neckline and sleeves

Dolan Scrubs Review

So, now that we’ve gotten the overviews out of the way, let’s talk about how DOLAN Scrubs actual perform. In this part of the review, we’ll take a look at the products we actually put our hands on, and what you can expect!

We received several pieces from DOLAN for testing and we all went with the TLC Scrubs. We liked the modern fit, and jogger-style pants. Additionally, the added benefits of comfort and lightweight were important.




The scrubs came well-packaged in custom designed DOLAN bags. These felt high-quality and gave an extra sense of “premium” to the unboxing experience. In the package is the scrubs, and a lightweight piece of paper to help maintain shape.

The scrubs themselves had no odd odors or any abnormalities. And, from first glance, the construction/quality of stitch is quite impressive!

Fit & Feel

When it comes to the fit and feel of DOLAN Scrubs, they feel awesome. The TLC material is (as advertised), extremely lightweight and stretchy. It is soft, but I would say it’s top qualities are definitely the weight and movability. In addition, the actual quality of the stitch seems to help aid in the fit and feel.


“Dolan scrubs are lightweight, breathable but at the same time functional and stylish. They keep me comfortable during my long work days. The subtle motivational quotes on the scrub pants and top are a great daily reminder as to why I’m working in healthcare and what keeps me going”


DOLAN also includes little motivational quotes on their prints. These aren’t necessary, but truly are a fun and inspiring reminder to nurses and other healthcare professionals that “you aren’t alone“, and “you’ve got this“.

The material in-person might be a bit thinner than you might think However, with a predominantly rayon blend this is to be expected. And, they are going for a very lightweight scrub.

The sizing as as expected, and true-to-size. There were some complaints that the v-neck might be a bit too low for some body types, but for us we didn’t have any issues.


In real-world performance, do DOLAN Scrubs live up to the expectations of a high-performance premium scrub? Absolutely. DOLAN scrubs were awesome in real-world tests, and provided a high-quality experience that you would expect from a premium price point.

The fabric is very lightweight which helps to maintain a non-rub feel all day. Along with that, the comfort levels are awesome. The 4-way stretch helps aid in performing pretty much any task throughout the day with ease. You don’t have to worry about not being able to “bend down” or really any other motion.

One trait that nurses (and other healthcare professionals) look for, is how does a scrub perform through a 12-hour shift? DOLAN seems to hold up to the use and abuse of a 12-hour shift with no problems.


After a long shift, one thing you pretty much always have to do is wash your scrubs! DOLAN makes this extremely easy with their Dirty Labs Detergent collection. They recommend using a detergent (like Dirty Labs) with a machine wash and tumble dry.


This detergent is specially made by Dirty Labs to help wash the dirtiest of laundry. They use a phytolase advanced enzyme cleaning technology. It targets stains and odors at the source helping to not only clean your scrubs, but keep them nice and soft. Dirty Labs only uses sensitive skin safe chemicals, no dyes/sulfates/parabens, and their products are readily biodegradable.

FIGS vs DOLAN Scrubs

How do DOLAN Scrubs compare to FIGS? FIGS are probably one of the most popular scrub brands on the market right now. This is partially do to their fantastic marketing team, but also their high-quality product.

DOLAN will most likely be compared to FIGS because they come in around the same price point and have a similar premium product. When it comes to material, DOLAN uses a higher concentration of rayon than FIGS. Rayon is NOT cheap, and it just speaks to the quality that DOLAN provides.

Additionally, depending on what type of feel you want, FIGS uses a higher concentration of polyester. This means that they should have less stretch and “bamboo” feel. And, again, depending on what type of feel you want, could be good or bad.

Personally, we don’t think that you could go wrong with either, however the higher rayon blend is pretty awesome!

Final Thoughts


UPDATE: DOLAN are still one of my favorite, if not my favorite scrubs so far. We test a lot of scrubs out, and to make the top list shows impeccable quality and comfort.

In conclusion, our experience with DOLAN has been extremely positive. The DOLAN TLC Scrubs provide a high-quality premium experience. If you’re a healthcare provider (nurse, doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, etc.), then we highly recommend trying DOLAN Scrubs out!

We focused a lot of WOMEN’S SCRUBS, however, DOLAN does make MEN’S SCRUBS as well!

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