A Nurse’s Resource Guide For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Everyone is concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19). To be honest, no one knows what will happen in the future which can be scary. We want to educate and teach to ease fears and prepare you for what can come.

We are attempting to provide a nurse’s guide and perspective on coronavirus. Please help us (nurses, doctors, all healthcare workers, food service providers, supply chain providers and others in the front line of this fight) as well by following CDC and government guidelines.

This is Full Time Nurse’s main resource page for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We tried to compile all of the general resources for everyone to access. If you want to read any of our other content on coronavirus check out our blog page or see below!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MUST-READS:

General Resources

Resources From Other Blogs

Ways To Help Nurses

These are some ways you can help not only nurses, but all others in the fight against COVID-19.

  • Follow the CDC and Government Guidelines
  • Donate if you can to any of the organizations helping (food, clothes, gift cards, frozen meals)
  • Volunteer or work at your local hospital (transporting meals, etc.)
  • Help with lawn work or chores while they’re at work fighting the fight

How To Prevent Coronavirus

The solution to preventing coronavirus is… WASH YOUR HANDS. Here’s some other ways to prevent coronavirus.


Is preventing coronavirus (COVID-19) really that easy? Well, not really, but hand washing has a massive impact on the transmission of viruses and diseases. Some coronaviruses can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours (this is being widely debated as days go on).

Some serious tips on hand washing and preventing COVID-19 (novel coronavirus):

Some Other Coronavirus Prevention Resources

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Spread (transmission)

Coronavirus is spread through direct contact or droplets (respiratory droplets). These types of droplets may or may not be avoided with a mask! Respiratory droplets are produced when you cough or sneeze and can be suspended in the air for some time after. While these droplets are suspended, if you were to breathe in the general area you could potentially inhale them into your respiratory tract.

You can also catch COVID-19 by being directly in contact with someone’s droplets (ex. such as kissing or sharing drinks) or touch a surface that the virus is living on and put it in your respiratory tract (ex. by touching your mouth with an exposed finger).

How To Avoid Spreading Coronavirus

  • Continue to practice all prevention techniques
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Frequently disinfect all surfaces
  • Wear a face mask to avoid spreading droplets
  • Do not use reusable handkerchiefs or clothes
  • Throw away tissues immediately

Super Helpful Videos On Coronavirus

These two videos are by 3Blue1Brown. The first video is a wonderful explanation and visualization of coronavirus (or a virus similar to coronavirus) and how the government officials are seeing things. These models help epidemiologists determine what guidelines to put in place and how to go about quarantining the infected.

The second video can get a bit in depth into the mathematics and statistics behind the virus, but if you just watch the models and listen to the explanation it can be very helpful!

The final video is by Joe Rogan and features Michael Osterholm. Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease and epidemiology. He provides some serious, but realistic concerns and consequences of the novel coronavirus while explaining the reasoning behind these statements.

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