Clove Shoes for Nurses Review

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Today in the Clove Shoes Review for Nurses we are taking a look at this new shoe brand! Clove is unique because they are specifically made for nurses and healthcare workers.

All of these questions answered and more in this Clove Nursing Shoe Review!

For nurses, there are several important things when it comes to the best nursing shoe. However, there is not a lot of shoes that can combine everything into one complete package. Clove is attempting to be that shoe for nurses and healthcare workers that can do everything.

Unboxing Clove Grey Matter Shoes


So, what’s in the box when you get Clove shoes? What can you expect?

Well, starting off when you open the shipping box (which seems to be a pretty good quality), you’ll find inside a few items. Firstly, there is a note from the founder about the creation of Clove. Then, you’ll find 2 Clove badge reels and pens.

From what we received, we got 3 pink pens, however there seems to be other colors that you can get as well.


The badge reels are actually one of the most exciting parts because they’re so strong! It’s hard to find a good badge reel that won’t break and we didn’t even expect them! But, definitely a welcomed surprise.

You can really see the care and thought that went into the packaging, which you can’t say for a lot of other companies. It really shows that they know what nurses need and use on a day-to-day basis.

Just a simple few pens is a big gift for nurses who are literally always having their pens stolen.


Then, you’ll reach your shoes! The shoes are neatly packed against a triangle piece of cardboard and stuffed with paper so that they retain their shape.

We received the Grey Matter shoes in a size 10.5.

Clove Shoes Features


Clove shoes are littered with features specifically designed for nurses. With the most apparent being their water-resistance and cleanability (if that’s a word?).


First, starting off with their water-resistance, or should we say fluid-resistance? Obviously, if you have been working on any nursing floor for long enough you will have something get onto your shoes. Whether it’s gross or not, it’s bound to happen.

It’s not only important to have shoes that are fluid resistant for safety reasons, but for overall comfort. Having soaking wet feet all shift is one of the most uncomfortable things (trust me, it’s happened before).


Next, going along with fluid resistance is Clove’s easy-to-clean surface. While I’m not 100% sure what they’re made of, I do know that they are extremely easy to clean. Even in a lighter color like grey.

The surface is easy to wipe, while still maintaining a solid protective covering. There isn’t many shoes that offer this amount of protection and cleanliness. However, Clove still manages to maintain a sense of breathability while being minimally porus.



Clove offers just two versions of their shoe; men’s and women’s. Then, there are 4 different colors (plus a special edition color).

While this is extremely simple, it also makes it easier. Why? Because, you don’t have to worry about different style options or which one will be best for you; they’ve basically already said this shoe is the best combination and here it is!

The colors range from all white (greyish) to pink and even aqua (special edition). While these colors are great to match surgical scrubs, but we would appreciate an all-black version.

With that being said, the colors available are muted enough to fit in with pretty much any scrub colors.


These are one comfy pair of shoes. While they aren’t as comfortable as shoes like Vessi’s, they do provide an excellent amount of comfort (they do provide more protection and cleanliness).

They have a very “marathon-like” design quality that feels like you could wear these shoes for a long time without taking them off. Additionally, Ortholite™ high-performance sole inserts that are designed to fight and resist odor are also included. You can easily throw these inserts in the wash whenever they get gross and they’ll bounce right back to their original glory.


Finally, Clove includes a very strong-gripping full rubber sole. This sole not only improves traction and grip, but comfort as well. Even if the floor is wet, they still grip extremely well.

Clove Shoes Review

How do Clove shoes perform? Well, in our opinion, these are the best nursing-focused shoes that we’ve ever used.

What exactly does that mean? While there are shoes that outperform Clove in their own specific areas, Clove combines all of these to make the best overall shoe for nurses that you can buy.

We’ll compare them to some other nursing shoes later-on. And, we already have compared Vessi vs Clove shoes. But, with that being said, let’s get into some of the reasons why we absolutely love these shoes!

UPDATE 08/23/2022: They are still holding up well as our typical daily drivers when it comes to a nursing shoe. In the operating room, they hold up well as a safe, waterproof shoe. Additionally, over a long 12-hour shift, they still are providing a decent amount of support and comfort.

Finally, we said Clove are a stylish, reliable, and useful set of nursing shoes. And, they are still holding up to that standard.



From the first time I tried them on I knew they were special. It is very obvious that these were designed specifically for nurses (and other healthcare workers). They are comfortable, fluid-proof and best-of-all functional.

The biggest advantage to Clove shoes for nurses is their functionality. They are very very easy to work with. You can slip them on and off without issue. Also, you can easily wipe them off if they get dirty. The sole inserts are easily washed and brought back to life. And, the laces are made to be usable.

*color adjusted to show contrast texture

All of the reasons add to why Clove shoes are very functional. They might not be the best looking or the most comfortable. But, as I mentioned before, they combine the best qualities and put them together in one.

The First-Shift Impressions (12-Hour Shift)

Our first-shift impressions were awesome. There was some slight adjustment needed to the straps and fitment at first, but once dialed in they were awesome.

No foot / wearing fatigue during a 12-hour night shift, as-well as no obvious issues with comfort. Along with that, we had no issues with the waterproofing or fluid repellent (downpouring rain on the way in).

Finally, towards the end of the night (typically when your feet really start to hurt), we no problems or complaints as far as pain!

Overall: AWESOME!

Clove Compression Socks

Clove also has their own compression socks (and you can even get them for free with your order!) They are designed to keep your feet fresh and feeling good all shift.

They have 20-30 mmHg of compression and reinforced cushioned bottoms. The pressure helps increase circulation and blood flow while also reducing swelling. These are very similar to compression socks used in hospitals.

Finally, they have three sizes; small, medium and large. And, four colors to match your shoes!

Clove vs Nurse Mates Shoes


When comparing Nurse Mates shoes to Clove, we can see a few major differences.

Firstly, is the style and design. Nurse Mates Velocity shoes are more classic nursing shoe design. While Clove gives you a more modern take.

Next, is the lacing. While they both use a type of stretchy laces, Nurse Mates uses a more traditional lacing method. While this might be familiar to some, we still prefer the lacing method on the Clove shoes.

While they both have a similar outer shell design for protection, they are different materials. Quite honestly, we can’t tell if we like one more over the other. But, Nurse Mates does offer more printed designs and colors.

Finally, the overall quality and feel. We’ll have to hand this one over to Clove.

Clove vs Dansko Shoes


Dansko shoes are what you think of when you hear traditional nursing clogs. They are extremely robust and protective with a harder outer shell.

In addition to literal design (which is very very different), the materials used are different as well. Dankso clogs are made from a leather upper shell that feels very reinforced. And, a super solid rubber sole. The biggest difference here is by far the comfort.

While there are some nurses that absolutely love their Dansko’s, a lot find them extremely uncomfortable. You’ll find superior comfort, style and breathability in Clove nursing shoes.

How to Tie Clove Shoes

Tying Clove nursing shoes isn’t like regular shoes. Since they don’t have the typical laces other shoes have, you have to change this up.

But, this isn’t really a problem because they aren’t designed to be tied over and over again. Basically, you’re supposed to string them up once, put your foot in and then tighten them every time you put them back on.

What you’re going to do to tie Clove shoes is as follows:

  • Slip your foot into the shoe.
  • Start from the bottom laces and work your way up, loosening them as you go.
  • Then start tightening the laces from bottom to top.
  • Once you’ve reached the top with the laces tightened, you can then pull the top laces.
  • Slide the holder down to make them nice and snug.
  • Now, when you use them, just slip them on and pull up on the holder to make them snug again!

While this isn’t a conventional way of tying shoes, it highly benefits nurses. You not only get a fast way to put on your shoes, but it also allows you to easily readjust during a busy shift.

Clove Shoes Fit

How do they fit? On us, they fit pretty similar to what typical sizing would be.

We always compare sizing to Nike Free Run shoes because they seem to be pretty standard. So, we received a 10.5 Clove shoe, and compared to a 10.5 Nike Free Run, they were slightly larger and had a little more room. While this isn’t a bad thing, we did have to tighten our straps more.

But, overall, we were impressed with the fit being very close to standard.

Clove All Black Option (ABO)

We just were sent Clove’s returning ABO shoes for Black Friday! We were so impressed with the way these turned out. All black is one of my favorite personal color schemes, and they look awesome!

So, not only are they waterproof, but they’re virtually stain-proof because of the dark color. Check out Clove shoes, along with other awesome Christmas Gifts for Nurses in this post!

Final Verdict: 12-Hour Shift


So, in the end, are Clove nursing shoes worth it? In our opinion, absolutely.

These are by far some of the best nursing shoes we have ever tried (let alone shoes in general). They’re comfortable, quality build, cleanable and breathable. All of these qualities attribute to a great shoe for nurses on their feet all day.

We highly recommend–whether you’re a nurse, doctor, nursing aid, respiratory therapist or any other healthcare professional–giving them a try!

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