Butter-Soft Scrubs Review

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The Butter-Soft Scrubs Review is one of the most difficult reviews I’ve had to do so far! When comparing Butter-Soft Scrubs vs Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs vs FIGS Scrubs, it was difficult.

These are all such good versions of scrubs. But, there has to be a winner, and that is what we’re after in this review. We had already reviewed Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs vs FIGS Scrubs. But, we wanted to see how the legendary Butter-Soft Scrubs held up against the newest kids in town (FIGS) and the older, but still great (Grey’s Anatomy) scrub brands.

Each of these scrubs offers something different and unique to the table. However, they each also target a specific audience. In this review, we’ll discuss several topics including; What scrubs you should buy as a new nurse? What scrubs nurses should buy? Should you buy Butter-Soft scrubs or Grey’s Anatomy scrubs? Should you buy Butter-Soft scrubs or FIGS scrubs? And, hopefully a whole lot more!

Additionally, we aim to answer the ultimate question: What are the best scrubs for nurses?

What Are Butter-Soft Scrubs?

Butter-Soft scrubs are a scrubs brand by UA (Uniform Advantage). Butter-Soft scrubs have been a well known staple in the nursing community for years. UA has been manufacturing their owns scrubs since 1994 and since have created a pronounced brand. In addition, their brand is typically synonymous with high-quality materials and construction.

Butter-Soft Scrubs Review

So, for our Butter-Soft Scrubs Review we took a look at some pieces from the men’s collection. However, for women, the same applies for material choices, feel, and somewhat fit (depending on sizing). We mostly looked at their MOVEMENT collection and the STRETCH Warm-Up Scrub Jacket.

But, all of their scrubs can be purchased for men or women.

There is a lot of different styles you can choose from; like jogger or regular pant fit and different top buttons or v-neck. But, we’ll be focusing mainly on the fit, finish and feel of the Butter-Soft scrubs. Also, maintaining a comparison approach when pinned against Grey’s Anatomy and FIGS scrubs.



Starting off, the Butter-Soft scrubs are made with a 4-way stretch fabric blend. This blend includes a 74/20/6 split of polyester, rayon and spandex. The rayon (which is a bamboo material) gives the scrubs a very premium stretch feel. Additionally, the spandex and polyester blend gives a very usable moisture wicking feel.

The scrubs are also Micro-Peached which creates a soft touch finish with an Anti-wrinkle treatment. In addition, the scrub material is an extremely soft, extremely comfortable material that is moisture wicking.

So, when compared to something like the Cherokee Infinity scrubs, Butter-Soft scrubs add the rayon components which adds an element of silky-smooth feeling. If you’ve never felt something made from rayon, it is very stretchy, but at the same time feels like cotton. It is an odd texture that is extremely satisfying.

Each piece also has several colors to choose from that should match any color that your institution uses.

How to Butter-Soft Scrubs Fit and Feel

What is like to wear Butter-Soft scrubs? How do Butter-Soft scrubs fit?

Well, quite honestly pretty good, but when compared with FIGS scrubs, we favored FIGS. Butter-Soft scrubs (MOVEMENT collection) was very soft, easy work in and premium feeling. However, they just didn’t have that special feel that FIGS offers.

Butter-Soft joggers.

The Butter-Soft scrubs fit as expected and the joggers gave an updated modern fit. A lot of nurses have been moving towards the jogger look and it’s nice that they offer that style. Although one thing that they really have a good amount of is storage.

Butter-Soft Scrubs MOVEMENT (Men’s)

The cargo pants have a slim fit with tapered leg. In addition, they have 2 front pockets (one with a cell phone pocket), 2 large back pockets (with zippers), and finally 4 cargo pockets (with pen/scissor holders).

The Altair v-neck top is a relaxed fit for improved comfort. In addition, it has a large chest pocket and pen pockets on the left-hand side. There are also side vents for improved cooling.

The STRETCH scrub jacket has a chest pocket with zipper, inside chest pocket and 2 front pockets (and a bonus hidden chest pocket).

While the scrub top doesn’t have side pockets, the cargo pants have a massive amount of storage. This really helps add to the usability of the cargo pants, because it can be tough to find pockets for things sometimes. And, staying organized is very important for nurses!

Butter-Soft Scrubs vs Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

When comparing Grey’s Anatomy scrubs to Butter-Soft, it is important to remember where each has come from. Grey’s Anatomy scrubs were born from the popular Grey’s Anatomy television show.

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs (Men’s Impact Collection).

Similar to Butter-Soft, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs has scrubs for both men and women. The main scrub line we looked at was the Impact collection, however they do have the Edge and Signature collections as well.

When compared to Butter-Soft, the Grey’s Anatomy Impact scrubs are made from 74% polyester, 23% rayon and 3% spandex (Butter-Soft: 74/20/6 split). This means that the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs should have a bit more of a soft feel to them while loosing some of the stretch that comes with spandex. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The Grey’s Anatomy cargo pants aren’t as fitted as Butter-Soft’s, but they do have a lot of additional storage including cargo pockets, back pocket and hidden pocket. The scrub top has a similar setup as well with a total of 3 pockets. It is a bit more tight-fitted with a modern molded fit.

Finally, the jacket is one of the biggest upgrades. By far, one of my favorite jackets, not only because of the look, but because of the functionality. There is an abundance of pockets and compartments to store anything you might need!

FIGS Scrubs vs Butter-Soft Scrubs

Next, what are FIGS Scrubs like compared to Butter-Soft Scrubs? FIGS Scrubs were created by two friends that eventually grew into the business it is today. While they are some of the most popular scrubs for younger nurses and physicians, they’re becoming more popular with everyone.

FIGS Scrubs Lineup.

When compared to Butter-Soft Scrubs, FIGS (Leon / Axim collection) are made from 72% polyester, 21% rayon, and 7% spandex (Butter-Soft: 74/20/6 split). This means that they have a little more stretch to them due to the extra spandex involved. They also have a more tailored fit, because the spandex will “cling” more to your body.

Now, specifically looking at the FIGS Leon top, Axim bottoms, and Bobi Hoodie. The top comes complete with four-way stretch technology, a modern lean design and reinforced double-needle stitching for durability. Additionally, it includes a double chest pocket leaving out any interior or exterior pockets.

The bottoms come equipped with the same build quality as the tops, but with a straight-cut cargo fit (you can get joggers as well). There are seven pockets for maximum storage and an appealing modern, athletic and tailored feel.

Finally, the hoodie is made out of 52% cotton which gives it an extremely soft feel. It is a relaxed fit and helps add comfort to the feel. There are 2 deep pockets in the front. FIGS claims you can wear the hoodie in the hospital, but also out to eat or anywhere else with a modern design.

Final Verdict

Finally, we come to the conclusion of the Butter-Soft Scrubs Review. So, with all of these scrubs coming out on the market, which one you should buy? In our opinion the Butter-Soft scrubs are a great choice for nurses, doctors or anyone else in the healthcare industry. They’re extremely comfortable, usable and provide a modern feel, fit and finish.

While, they are good scrubs, we still preferred FIGS over Butter-Soft and Grey’s Anatomy.

We already did a comparison between FIGS and Grey’s Anatomy, so read that, then come back.

FIGS Scrubs have a great modern fit and incredible comfortability. In addition, they are extremely easy to work in for long 12-15 hour shifts and are easy to wash as well (which is a huge part most people don’t consider). We said it before and we’ll say it again, FIGS Scrubs are our top choice for nurses, doctors and healthcare providers. But, the others are pretty awesome too!

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