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There are always a lot of nurses that ask, “What is the best watch for nurses”, “What watch should I get for nursing school?”, and “What is the best watch for nursing school?”.

Hopefully these questions will be answered and you can safely say you got the best watch for nurses. I included watches that have sweeping second hands and smartwatches that are perfect for RNs. RNs use watches for many necessary tasks throughout a shift and have the best watch helps a lot.

Are you a nursing student trying to figure everything out? Check out the accessories you will need and the ultimate study guide!

Why Do Nurses Need a Watch?

Nurses will use a watch pretty much every shift. A watch can be useful for taking vital sounds (counting respirations or heart rate), monitoring how fast you are pushing a medication, timing procedures, or running a code.

Also, a watch is useful to check the time if you don’t have your phone or a clock nearby. It is necessary for nurses to keep an eye on the time, especially for medications and other scheduled activities.

Additionally, with smart watches, it can be fun to compete with your coworkers on who got the most steps for the night!

Do You Need a Watch for Nursing School?

Do nursing students need to get a watch for clinical? Absolutely. Nursing school and clinical is time for you to perfect your nursing practice as much as you can before graduating. You should be using (or trying to use) all of the equipment you would use in a full time position.

Having a watch as a nursing student is especially helpful when practicing taking vital signs. You need a watch with a sweeping second hand or digital countdown to measure heart rate and respiratory rate accurately. Along with a watch, there is some must have accessories nursing students should have for clinical!

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Best Watches for a Nursing Student

What is the best watch for nursing students? Well, I’d recommend nursing students start out with something simple, yet effective. Nursing students should be perfecting their basic skills. So, having a basic watch with a sweeping second hand is perfect for students. This allows you to get the hang of timing breathing or pulses.

All of these watches are great options if you’re going to nursing school. You can typically find some of these watches for under $50, so if they don’t last throughout nursing school it’s not a huge deal. A more expensive, higher quality watch is a great option for nursing school graduation gift.

What is the Best Watch for Nurses?

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR


The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR is a cheap fitness tracking watch alternative. It has a heart rate tracker, fitness tracker, sport modes, GPS and sleep monitoring. In addition, you can connect your phone for text messages and calls.

Unfortunately, there is no “seconds” hand built-in. But, there is a stopwatch that you can easily use for taking vital signs on a patient. Additionally, the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR is IP67 water resistant. This means that you can wear it in rain and while washing hands (which is very important for nurses).

Fitbit Versa 2


The Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch is slotted just below the top spot. It has a heart rate monitor, music storage, Amazon Alexa built-in, sleep tracker, swim tracker and stopwatch!

This Fitbit has several helpful features for keeping nurses healthy and active. Along with an all-day battery life. The best feature of this smartwatch is the ability to get calls, texts and app notifications directly on the watch. It is very helpful for nurses who don’t have their phone on them.

Apple Watch


At the top spot is the Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 3. The Series 3 Watch is very similar to the Series 5, with a few exceptions. I would highly recommend the Series 3 because you can find it on sale for exceptional prices.

However, if you’re looking at something that will last a bit longer and is the newest technology, then the Series 5 is perfect for you. The Apple Watch is perfect for nurses because it is waterproof, has several faces that you can adjust, fitness tracking, full app functionality, and even more! While you do need an iPhone, it is worth it.

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The Series 5 is great because you can switch out bands after working a shift at the hospital so that you keep the germs away. It is useful to have separate bands and they’re very easy to switch out.

Apple Watch Band

Finally, you can switch the faces on the Apple Watch to suit nursing need. It have a sweeping second hand, a digital counter, or stopwatch.

What Makes the Apple Watch the Best Watch for Nursing?

A question I hear a lot is, “Can you use an Apple Watch for nursing?” or “is an Apple Watch good for nurses?”. You absolutely can use an Apple Watch for nursing. Apple Watches are great tools for nurses, especially those who work in areas where you won’t have your phone on you.

It can be important to receive notifications from your kids, family or friends. Apple Watch allows you to see this notifications as they come in and respond. Additionally, it is completely waterproof which allows you to fully wash your hands and the watch. Infection and disease control is a big part of working in the hospital and being able to disinfect your watch is necessary.

There is a lot of benefits to having an Apple Watch as a nurse. besides the previous, there is a lot of health benefits that are associated as well.

Firstly, being able to track your steps, health and workouts via your watch and phone is a huge plus. In addition, you are able to take an ECG / EKG of yourself (with the Apple Watch 4 and newer). This allows you to take quick check-ups on yourself and your heart’s health.

You are also able to use hundreds of thousands of apps available via the iOS app store. There is always an app that’s perfect for someone on the app store and they are catered to fit your needs. While you might not be a fitness guru, there’s an app for that, or you might knowledgeable about your ECG, there’s an app for that too. The Apple Watch can provide a lot of benefit for nurses living the everyday nursing floor life.

As mentioned before, you can also get really cool watch bands that are easy to clean.

For all these reasons, the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best watch for nursing school, students and nurses in general.

Is Apple Watch Good for Nurses?

Are Apple Watches good for nurses? Absolutely Apple Watches are great nursing watches. They have awesome features that help nurses do their jobs more efficiently and keep them up-to-date on their worlds at home.

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