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What are the Best Scrubs for Men? In my opinion, the best male scrubs are by TiScrubs. I love the fit, comfort and feel that they have. Additionally, they are relatively affordable when compared to some of the more “premium brands”.

When it comes to scrubs for men, they can be challenging to find. Only about 9.1% of RN’s are men, with 7.6% of LPN’s being men (source), meaning that a lot of scrub brands focus on women (which makes sense). However, being a male nurse myself, I’ve found a few pairs that I absolutely love.

Whether you are a nurse like me, or another healthcare worker, I bet you will find a pair of scrubs on this list that you’ll love just as much as I do!

*Disclaimer: In this review we focus heavily on scrub pants over scrub tops. In the Best Scrubs for Nurses Guide we talk more about scrub tops. However, pretty much everything with the pants holds true with the tops as well. So, we’ll be listing the entire set as part of the review.

What to Look for in Male Scrubs?

  • Comfort: Obviously, right? Well, having a good 4-way stretch scrub can go a long way and is often overlooked. In addition, look for scrubs that are made out of rayon, elastane or spandex.
  • Durability: For most nurses, we wear the same scrubs basically every shift (with the exception of some pediatric nurses). You want your scrubs to be durability and last through many wash cycles.
  • Functional: A lot of pockets can help improve your on-floor functionality tremendously. Having places to keep all of your supplies and tools is vital.
  • Breathability: Having scrubs that are breathable is extremely useful. It helps prevent you from overheating or excessively sweating. You can always add layers if you get too cold!
  • Color: Most hospitals or units require certain colors. Make sure that you are buying scrubs that come in your unit’s color.
  • Style: A lot of nurses overlook style when it comes to scrubs. However, getting scrubs that are flattering or look good is important for self-image and mental health.

Best Scrubs for Men (Male Nurses)

TiScrubs for Men


In my opinion, the best scrubs for men are TiScrubs. They are well-made, comfortable and provide a lightweight experience. TiScrubs uses a blend (depends on the type) of 97% performance polyester with 3% spandex. This blend makes for an extremely comfortable, very lightweight experience.

In addition, Ti Scrubs offers an antimicrobial finish, moisture-wicking properties, wrinkle-resistance, and no fading/shrinking. They also have several different prints that have NFL teams on them! There is a lot for guys to love!

My favorite thing about TiScrubs though has to be the price! They are relatively affordable compared to a lot of other “premium” scrub brands.

Cherokee Workwear Revolution Men’s Scrubs


First-off the Cherokee Workwear Revolution Men’s Scrub Pant is a healthy blend of 78% Polyester, 20% Rayon and 2% Spandex. The special part about these scrub pants is the Rayon. Rayon is made from bamboo and is extremely flexible while maintaining an awesome feel.

Fit & Feel

Starting off, the Cherokee Workwear Revolution scrubs have a drawstring with elastic waistband. They also are 100% machine washable with an antimicrobial resistance. The Revolution scrubs have a regular fit with two front slash pockets, two back pockets, and a zip cargo pocket.

Additionally, they include a reflective locker loop and an instrument loop. These included features are a welcome change from other typical scrubs.

Cherokee Infinity Men’s Scrubs


The Cherokee Workwear Infinity Scrubs are another great option from Cherokee. Why? Well, they’re different from the Revolution scrubs because they are made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. They are extremely stretchy and have a very silky smooth feel.

Fit & Feel

Similar to the Revolution scrubs, the pants have a somewhat tapered leg fit, with a front fly to close. Additionally, they feature two front pockets, a double cargo pocket on one leg, a welt cargo pocket, and a back patch pocket. Included are also belt loops around the waist band.

Cherokee also includes a carabiner for clipping items you don’t want to loose from your side. As far as feel goes, they are awesome to wear around all day. These scrubs feel great on your skin and help keep a full range-of-motion throughout the workday.

Carhartt Ripstop Men’s Cargo Scrubs


The Carhartt Ripstop Cargo Scrubs are an awesome value for nurses or healthcare workers who have an issue destroying scrubs. These are made from 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester. What does this mean? Well, the cotton is strong and soft to help support pretty much any damage you throw at them. The Polyester helps provide a wide range of motion and stretchiness found frequently on modern scrubs.

Additionally, the pants feature eight pockets, a utility loop on the right side and a drawstring closure. You can also use the belt loops and button to help keep the scrubs on your waist.

Best Jogger Scrubs for Male Nurses

Are you into the jogger scrub look? Well, we have a few top choices for male scrub joggers!

What Are Jogger Scrubs?


Joggers were originally made for exercise, they are a trendy style of sports pant. They have an athletic appearance and taper towards the ankle. Joggers often are have designs that spotlight comfort and breathability. Most also tend to have an elastic or drawstring waist and elastic at the ankles (source).

Jogger Scrubs are a version of typical jogger pants adopted to be scrub pants.

FIGS Tansen Jogger Scrub Pants


First up is the FIGS Tansen Jogger Scrub Pants. If you haven’t heard of FIGS before, we have a full FIGS Scrubs Review. But, they are a high-end scrub brand that focuses on fit, performance, and feel. Many of the most popular jogger-style scrubs have stemmed from FIGS and their unique designs.

Fit & Feel

As for the Tansen Jogger Scrub Pants, they are FIGS without exception. What does that mean? Well, they have extraordinary fit, feel and performance without compromise. These joggers have a tight-fit cuff towards the ankle. So, you’ll get a fairly fitted experience.

They are made from FIGS traditional premium materials that are extremely soft and comfortable. Another prominent feature is 4-way stretch meaning that you should be able to bend, move and stretch in any direction without tugging from the pants. The stretchiness also adds to the comfort level.

The biggest con we have against the Tansen joggers is that they don’t have side pockets. While FIGS provides you with 5 pockets in total (2 deep front pockets, 2 deep back pockets, and 1 hidden interior pocket), there is no side pockets! A lot of scrubs are going away from having side pockets, but they are extremely useful especially for nurses on the floor.

Although there isn’t side pockets, you still do get very large front and back ones!

Dickies Dynamix Men’s Natural Rise Jogger Scrubs Pant


Next up is the Dickies Dynamix Men’s Jogger Scrub Pants. As far as jogger scrub pants go, these are extremely traditional. They have a tighter fit following the entire length of the leg down to the ankle. But, why are they an awesome choice for scrubs for men?

Fit & Feel

The Dickies Dynamix Scrubs are made from 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex. This amount of Spandex allows a high stretch range adding to the comfort level. Dickies an athletic style for design and a lightweight blend of fabric for breathability.

Four-way stretch is standard with the fabric also having moisture wicking properties. It is easily machine washable and should provide enough durability to last the longest of shifts. Additionally, they give you a decent amount of storage with two front pockets, one side cargo pocket and one back pocket. This was one complaint we had with FIGS (no side pockets), but Dickies remedies this with a decent size one.

As far as feel goes, they are extremely comfortable. The nice blend of Spandex and Polyester aids to help you move around all day with minimal discomfort.

BARCO ONE Men’s Vortex Jogger Pant

Next up is the BARCO ONE Men’s Vortex Jogger Pant. These jogger pants feature a 93% Polyester and 7% Spandex blend. This means that with these joggers you should expect a bit less stretch, more comfort and higher durability. Along with the difference in material blend, BARCO ONE Vortex also provides some awesome features that other scrub pants don’t!

Fit & Feel

With the Vortex Joggers, they offer something a lot of scrub pants leave out now-a-days, a zipper! They also feature an elastic waistband with ties so you get the best fit for you!

Additionally, BARCO ONE uses temperature-regulating technology to help you stay cool on the job. With this, they include a 4-way performance stretch to allow maximum breathability, movement and comfort.

They are 100% machine washable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant and have anti-microbial properties. The Vortex scrub pants themselves have 6 pockets. These pockets range from a side cargo pocket with zipper to typical front and back pockets.

As far as fit is concerned, the Vortex scrubs are some of the most athletic and modern looking scrubs on the market. They are fairly tight-fitting from the thigh to the ankle, but end with a less-elastic cuff. The Vortex scrubs really combine the best of both worlds; traditional scrubs with sleek modern design.

Finally, BARCO ONE makes these scrubs using 43% recycled polyester.

Carhartt Men’s Cargo Jogger Scrubs


Next up are the Carhartt Men’s Cargo Scrub Pants. These aren’t technically classified as a “jogger pant”, however they do have a cuff on the ankle. So, we’ll be considering them as part of our jogger collection. They are made from 55% Cotton, 42% Polyester and 3% Spandex.

Fit & Feel

As far as fit and feel, the Carhartt Cargo Scrub Pants have a less elastic feel than the competitors, but with a significantly more tough feel. They use “Rugged Flex stretch technology” to not only provide extreme durability, but a subtle comfort as well.

There are eleven pockets in total which is by far the most amount of storage we’ve seen. They are conveniently located in pretty much all of the typical areas for scrub pants. The waist as an inner-drawstring with belt loops as well.

The biggest pros for Carhartt’s product is their durability and amount of storage. When you wear these pants they have the feeling of an extra layer of protection. Additionally, they still have a high level of comfort to them.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, what are the best scrubs for men? Well, when shopping for scrubs, you need to decide on what your priorities are. For example, do you want a more fashionable scrub, or perhaps a more utilitarian scrub? In my opinion, I like scrubs that combine the best of both worlds.

Having a durable scrub that is going to be extremely comfortable throughout a 12-hour shift is necessary. In addition, I want a lot of storage and quick-access pockets. My favorite combination of all of those features is the TiScrubs for men. In my opinion, they provide the best value and combination of my favorite features.

However, when comparing the best jogger scrubs, I might sway towards FIGS. FIGS have proven themselves time and time again to be a strong competitor in the scrub market. They continually innovate and improve their designs, material and finish. So, I think that they are a very strong choice if you’re looking for the jogger scrub look.

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