BALA Shoes for Nurses Review

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In today’s BALA Shoes for Nurses Review I’ll be checking out one of the most popular nursing shoe brands on the market! BALA shoes have a design that is specific for nurses and healthcare workers and it shows.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best nursing shoes on the market, but how does BALA compare? Are they better than Nike nursing shoes? Should you buy them? Are they comfortable?

In short yes, BALA shoes are an excellent choice for nurses, nursing students, and other healthcare workers. They have great support, exceptional traction, and are machine washable. I would highly recommend nurses to try them out!

Who is BALA?

BALA is part of the Careismatic Brands family. They own several popular healthcare scrub brands including one of my favorite the Cherokee Infinity scrubs (my personal favorite choice scrub).

Careismatic Brands have their eyes on healthcare along with serving the members of the hospital systems. They know what they are doing when it comes to creating nurse-focused gear.

What are BALA Shoes?

BALA Shoes are designed specifically for nurses to be the best nursing shoe. The Twelves are BALA’s only shoe with only one design. They provide support, fluid resistance and a load of features that help nurses survive throughout their entire shift. While they are specifically targeted towards nurses, really any hospital workers can take advantage of the BALA Twelve shoes.

The Twelve shoes have a unisex design and come in a variety of different sizes and widths to fit the most feet they can. Additionally, there are about 6-8 color choices that occasionally change.



The BALA Twelves are specifically made for an intense 12-hour shift. There are several different features that BALA includes to keep nurses going.

Each feature has a specific purpose for nurses on their shift. Most importantly they have safety and comfort in mind.

Arch M-Brace

The M-Brace is built for support, comfort and stability. They use a special material to help the arch of your foot.


Easily the most important feature on the Twelves is the fluid resistance and easy-to-clean layer. The protection comes from the outer layer. It allows for easy clean up, disinfection, and keeps your feet dry from any fluids.

Code Grip

BALA uses a high-traction design for their outer soles. This helps nurses and other healthcare professionals stay non-slip during emergencies, or when there is a lot of fluid on the floor.

HRS Cushioning

Impact absorption and supportive platforms keep nurses comfy throughout their entire 12-hour shift. In addition, the platform allows for return energy to get the most value out of your step.

Knit Fit

Knit fit allows for individual foot shape and accommodation throughout the shift. What does that mean? Well, when you’re towards the end of your shift and your feet are swelling, BALA anticipates that. So, they allow for stretching in the fit throughout the day.


For sizing, BALA Twelves run a bit small. So, in the case that you’re between sizes, go for the bigger size (ex. 8 or 8.5, go with 8.5).


Most of the sizing on BALA’s website is for women, however, the sizes can be converted for men (since they are unisex shoes).



When it comes to the BALA Twelve Shoes themselves, they are a really nice accessory for nurses. They perform as well as advertised with a supportive, comforting and protective nature. While there might be some better options out there for protection or comfort, they do a great job of blending all features together.

The Twelves allow for a comprehensive combination of most features that nurses look for in a pair of shoes. While one shoe can’t really do it all, the Twelves prove to be very close.

If there’s anything that could be complained about, it would be the comfort over a long shift. While they are extremely comfortable, the soles used do tend to break down over long periods of use. However, this is a common problem among nursing shoes in this category. They aren’t the most comfortable towards the end of a shift, but still have plenty of features that really make them worth it as nursing shoes.

Final Thoughts


With the protection, support and comfort provided BALA Shoes are an awesome option for nurses. They have a lot of features that nurses look for when picking shoes. It is vital to have a shoe that has good protection, so you can stay protected. Additionally, being able to not slip in a shoe is another vital feature, especially for emergency situations.

For nurses who work on the floor, the BALA Twelves are an awesome option. If you work in a specialty area like the operating room, then check out our top picks: Best Shoes for Operating Room Nurses.

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