AllBirds Shoes for Nurses & Healthcare Workers Review

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When it comes to nursing shoes, we immediately took it upon ourselves to review AllBirds Shoes to see if they were a good choice for nurses. These shoes have become very popular on Instagram, and we decided to see if they make good shoes for nurses?

For reference, the shoes we were sent are the Men’s Wool Runner-up Mizzles (in Natural Grey). However, we did test out the women’s version of these shoes as well as some other styles.

When it comes to the best nursing shoes, there are a few different things you should look for. Are they comfortable? Are they waterproof? Are they easy to clean? And, how do they look?

We’ll hopefully be answering all of those questions as it comes to AllBirds, as well as letting you know a purchase decision!

AllBirds for Nurses and Healthcare Workers Review



When it comes to features, AllBirds aren’t slacking. They start by using renewable materials. These are wool, a tree fiber – TENCEL Lyocell, sugarcane – SweetFoam, and Trino (source).

Let’s talk about their wool. So, the entire inside of the shoe is coated with the special wool. This stuff is incredibly soft and plush. It also isn’t as “hot” as I thought it would be. However, it probably would keep your foot very warm if you needed it to.

The SweetFoam soles are made from sugarcane. They are the world’s first carbon negative green EVA and FSC Certified natural rubber which provide a delicate bounce and phenomenal traction. AllBirds do provide a surprising amount of grip, even in wet situations.

The castor bean insole is a cushioning insole that also provides odor reduction along with moisture wicking properties. Finally, you can keep your feet dry with the PuddleGuard water repellent shield. This prevents any water from getting through the top of your shoes with fluorine-free water repellent coating.

Sizing: How Do AllBirds Fit?

When it comes to fit, AllBirds fit like a typical size would. I typically wear a 10-10.5 US Men’s, and I received a size 10.5. They fit perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing, especially when wearing them with socks.

However, some of the Women’s and Men’s shoes that you probably wouldn’t wear with socks, I would probably go a 1/2 size down.

The wool ones that we received fit very well. I wore them with socks, however you probably could go with our without socks depending on the season.

Machine Washable


We thought that this feature deserved it’s own section, because it’s so important. Having a shoe that is 100% machine washable is huge for nurses. While AllBirds aren’t the most easy to wipe off shoes, they do have the waterproof coating and machine washability.

All you need to do is pull the insoles and laces out, put the shoes in a delicates bag and toss them in the washing machine. Use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent and let them hang dry. We would probably even throw some extra waterproofing wash in for good measure.

Sustainable Nursing Shoes

AllBirds of one of the top sustainable shoes for nurses! Why? Because they use a ton of reusable and recycled materials to create their products.

Firstly, they use a 100% eco-friendly sugarcane soles and 100% recycled polyester laces. Additionally, AllBirds is very aware of the carbon footprint that they’re leaving behind. So, they make it a point to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.

You can read more about what materials AllBird’s use here!

How do AllBirds Perform?

When it comes to performance, AllBirds feel great on the feet. They fit as expected and are extremely comfortable. The laces are very thick and feel like high quality along with the rest of the components.

When testing them in the rain, there was no doubt that they were water resistant, if not completely water proof. We were also very impressed at the amount of grip they provided when moving around on a slippery surface.

A few complaints we had were that they did feel a bit heavier than expected. While this isn’t a huge downside, especially compared to some other nursing shoes, they weren’t as light as something like Vessi shoes.

As for nursing, these performed well in a hospital setting. However, we’ll go into further detail later.

Are AllBirds for Nurses?

So, should nurses and nursing students get AllBirds? All AllBirds for nurses? Well, the answer is yes!

If you’re going to be using AllBirds on a nursing floor, then we might recommend another nursing shoe. However, if you work in an area where there isn’t a whole ton of gross stuff flying around, then absolutely.

These shoes are very comfortable, provide an adequate amount of support, are waterproof and look great! We thought that they fit super well with FIGS Scrubs, and were very impressed.

If you want a great shoe to wear to work, but also to wear out on weekends, then AllBirds might be the one.

Final Verdict

Why are AllBirds So Popular for Nurses?

Besides being extremely trendy right now, AllBirds are also very good shoes. They have a lot of qualities that nurses look for in a good shoe (sustainable, economic, budget-friendly, good-looking).

And in addition, while they have a trendy look right now, I think that they have one of the best appearances out of any shoes right now!

Are AllBirds Good Shoes for Nurses and Healthcare Workers?


So, what’s the final verdict?

While AllBirds might not be the best nursing shoe, it is one of our favorite shoes overall. They are extremely good looking, very comfortable and provide a sense of quality that we haven’t seen in years.

If you are a nurse who works in an area that isn’t always gross, then you can definitely use these everyday without worries. And, even if you do work in one of the dirtier areas, you can just throw AllBirds right in the washing machine and clean them off!

As for healthcare workers, depending on what field and department you work in we’d highly recommend AllBirds. Nurses and healthcare workers that don’t see a lot of “floor work” can definitely get away with these shoes everyday. For that, they’re awesome.

If you’re a floor nurse or healthcare worker, then we’d recommend something like Clove Nursing Shoes.

You can also get the healthcare discount through AllBirds now, and make sure to let them know we sent you!

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