Best All White Shoes for Nursing School

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What are the Best All White Shoes for Nursing School and Nursing Students?

When it comes to nursing school, a lot of schools require you to have all-white shoes (and even all-white scrubs). So, today we’re going to be looking at the best all white shoes for nursing school and for nursing students.

We wrote a whole review on the Best Nike Shoes for Nurses, but today we’ll be focusing on more specific nursing brands. Some of the Nike shoes had awesome white options, so if you are interested in one of those, check it out here!

In today’s guide, we’ve realized a lot of nursing schools, nursing students, and even hospitals require all-white shoes. While they look great, all-white anything can be extremely problematic to deal with. Why? Well, because they can get very dirty very quickly. So, we thought, why not put together some of the best all-white shoes that won’t be problematic?

What to Look for in All-White Nursing Shoes?

  • Waterproof: Having a solid waterproof shoes is incredibly important not only for standard nursing shoes, but especially for an all-white version.
  • Comfort: Comfort is easily one of the top features to look for. If you are going to be on your feet all day, then you need a shoe that will support your arch, keep your foot structured and ease your gait.
  • Style: While style might not be important to some, it can be an important part of your nursing gear. Going to work with a good style can help improve mental health while at work!
  • Breathability: Having a shoe that breathes is important to keeping your feet cool and healthy while on a 12-hour shift!
  • Washable: Having a washable or wipeable shoe is vital for nurses or any healthcare professional. Being able to easily wipe fluids off your shoe with a purple wipe is very useful and sanitary.

Why Do Nurses Wear White?

The history behind white shoes for nurses will probably go back further than you think. When Florence Nightingale originally founded her nursing school, a nursing student came up with the design for uniforms.

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The uniforms were white. They were designed to keep the public from associating dirt and germs with nurses. Typically white is a color associated with sterility. Although, white was a common “clean” color, nurses still wore black shoes. This is because most shoes were made from leather, and white leather was not common. However, when white leather came out, it was a hit among nurses.

Most hospitals today carry very different dress codes than back in the day. They typically use colors to code each different type of healthcare worker (ex. nurses wear black scrubs, doctors wear white scrubs and nursing aids wear green scrubs). However, this isn’t common practice for every hospital.

For example, the Cleveland Clinic, is a completely white scrub nursing hospital. So, nurses wear all white scrubs and white shoes. This is promote the sense of cleanliness, sterility and kindness that the original nurses sought to provide.

What Are the Best White Nursing Shoes?

When it comes to the best white nursing shoes for nursing school, you have to consider several characteristics.

  • Comfort: Obvious feature, but nursing school shoes have to be comfortable, breathability and above all have the ability to be worn all day.
  • Breathability: A shoes that is able to breath is crucial for a nurse who is on their feet all day. You need to cool down and keep your feet ready to go.
  • Style: Styling isn’t important to all nurses, however, it can be vital for showing that you are ready and willing to get the job done.
  • Color: Another obvious feature, but for this one, white rules (all-white nursing shoes).
  • Waterproofing: Shoes that are waterproof are almost a must for nurses. There’s a lot of fluids involved in the everyday life of a nurse, and it’s important to keep yourself protected.
  • Protection: If you were in an area where you work with sharps, then protection is absolutely an essential for any nurse.

Hoka One One Shoes for Nurses (White)


In our opinion Hoka One One’s are some of the best shoes for nurses. Why? Hoka Shoes provide an exceptional amount of support, comfort and can easily keep you on your feet all day. As an OR nurse, I am constantly standing, and a lot of people in the OR wear these shoes. They give you the necessary tools to get your job done without straining your feet.

In addition, Hoka uses premium materials to help keep your feet cool (breathability), and even offers a variety of colors/styles to match your dress code policies (all-white or partially white).

All Birds for Nurses (White)


What makes AllBirds Shoes for Nurses one of the best choices? Well, we have a full review on AllBirds, but they are awesome shoes. The AllBirds Everyday Wool Runners, or even any of their actual “running” shoes, have awesome features for everyday nurses.

If you haven’t worn AllBirds before, we highly recommend them as a winter or cold-weather shoe. They work great for expelling snow and moisture walking into the hospital while keeping your feet toasty warm. You can also get a non-insulated version for warmer weather, or if your feet typically get cold at work anyways, the insulated ones work just fine!

Snibbs All-White Shoes for Nurses


We did a full Snibbs Shoes for Nurses Review, so if you want to read more, please check it out! For those who are just interested in the quick notes, check below.


  • Awesome interior material
  • Extremely good for standing in one place
  • Soft, moldable sole foam
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Looks different than other shoes
  • Exterior material feels great

BALA Shoes for Nurses (White)


We also wrote a full BALA Shoes for Nurses Review, and if you want to read more please check it out! If you don’t feel like reading the full review, that’s okay too, we put some pros down below!


  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable slip-on
  • Good color for wiping off
  • Interior material feels awesome
  • Great use of different materials for style and function
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