What You Need: Must Have Accessories for Nursing School

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Do you need to know what supplies or accessories to get for nursing school? These are the must have accessories and gear for nursing school!

When it comes to nursing school worrying about tests, homework and class can all be very overwhelming, but what happens when you have your first clinical in three days and you haven’t gotten a stethoscope or scissors or shoes yet? What are some must have accessories when starting nursing school?

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Well look no further! This list will be some of our favorite accessories from nursing school and some for career nurses that need some ideas (maybe for gifts, etc.). 

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Before You Go to Nursing School…

Before starting nursing school, there are definitely some things that you need. One is fast shipping. With the free 6-month Amazon Prime Student, you can easily ship everything you need for school and clinical with no issues.

I’d 100% recommend it for all of the benefits you get. And, I can almost promise that you’ll use it to get all of your books for much better prices. Plus, it’s free!

But, with that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Nursing School Accessories: What Do You Need for Nursing School?

What accessories do you need for nursing school? What accessories should nursing students get? Well, there are a lot of things you’ll need throughout nursing school. We tried to compile a list of some of the most useful!

Nursing school is hard enough even when you’re prepared. When you’ve just got accepted to nursing school, it can be overwhelming. There are some essential nursing school supplies that you should have to help calm your fears. Having the right accessories for nursing school is important because it can help you in many ways.

Firstly, coming to nursing school prepared is important to help you succeed. Additionally, practicing in nursing school with the right stethoscope and other accessories. These are tools you will use every day as a nurse, so it is important to practice with them. Also, nursing school will present challenges that you won’t expect, so being prepared is vital.

Good Nursing Shoes


Having the best nursing shoes can make or break your clinical experience. Nurses are on their feet for 8-12 hours a day, at least. Having the proper footwear can help ensure that you not only save your feet, but look great doing it!

We already have some of our top choices listed out, so if you’re interested read that, then come back. But, straight to the point, one of our top choices is Vessi’s shoes. They’re waterproof, comfortable and great for nurses.


There are hundreds of scrubs to choose from when starting nursing. Most nursing students might not know which scrubs are the best. Well, we compiled a list of the best scrubs for nurses and nursing students.

The key things to look for in a pair of scrubs is; comfort, breathability, durability and style. While it’s tough to find all of these in one brand, our top choice was INFINITY Scrubs.

Pens, Markers & Organizers

Buy a planner! Planners are super helpful for not only keeping track of homework and assignments, but also your everyday life. I recommend this Five-Star planner. However, there are several others out there and you can pick whichever makes you happy!

You can also use Google Calendar or the Calendar app on your phone if you don’t want a physical planner. 


I love using felt tip pens for color coding. They’re awesome to write with and make colors pop! Color coding by subject helps when organizing information and can help you retain information better (source). I also use color coded binders, which are super helpful (Five-Star binders & Five-Star folders I use). And finally some highlighters that are always needed!

Nursing School Laptop

Having a good laptop can be an underrated nursing school accessory. But, definitely shouldn’t be overlooked! Mostly everything in nursing school is online now and you need a good computer that will last you throughout school.

We highly recommend the MacBook Air. And, we have a full article outlining the details on why you should get a MacBook for nursing school. So, read that, then come back!

Source: CNET

But, long story short: MacBook’s typically will last you throughout all of college with little to no issues. If you have an iPhone or Apple Watch, they work extremely well for integration.


A stethoscope should be topping any nursing student accessory or supply list!

Stethoscopes are medical professionals (not just nurses) best friends. We are able to hear (or not to hear) heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds and much more! This specific Litmann is a very, very good starter stethoscope.

It was my first stethoscope and it lasted me all throughout nursing school and working at a pediatric hospital as a nurse tech. I would highly recommend this stethoscope for any nursing student looking for the must have accessories.

Nursing Clipboard

These clipboards are EXTREMELY popular among nursing students and nurses alike. They are useful not only for keeping all your important papers and patient sheets, but there is also handy medical information (cheat sheets) on the back just in case you forgot some of your normal vital ranges or lab values.

They come in several colors and I can promise that a lot of your peers will have them as well making them perfect for nursing school and floor nurses.

Badge Reference Cards

Along with the previous clipboard these are also EXTREMELY useful and handy especially if you are working in pediatrics or are in a pediatric clinical. These are basically just cheat sheets that you can put onto your badge (Check out our Coolest Badge List Here) and look at quickly if needed.

It is easier than using your phone (not to mention phones are not allowed on most floors) and it is readily available. One that I found particularly useful was the EKG/ECG cards useful for Critical Care. A must have for nursing school and floor nurses.

Pen Light

A pen light should be self-explanatory for any nurse that works on any floor, but for new nursing students these are used for many different examinations (especially neurologic), to check sinuses, or just to plain be able to see in a dark room. It is one of the simplest and most useful nursing accessories we have!


Scissors are, like the pen light, very self explanatory and very useful for any kind of nurse. Being able to cut paper, dressings, tubing or really anything is a tool that is not easily looked over and I promise you will use your scissors once a shift!

Carrying Case (For All the Accessories)

This carrying case can fit all of your nursing accessories, such as stethoscopes, pen lights, extra pens and pulse ox’s? I don’t think anyone carries around their own personal pulse oximeter, but I could be wrong?

It is made out of a durable material that should last inside a book bag, and it also is partially waterproof if there happens to be any accidental spills. These are important because there will be several times where you think you have forgotten all of your stuff for clinical, but having everything packed in one place can save you.

This particular case also has very good reviews on Amazon.com and is a must have accessory for nursing school.

Unique Fun Badge Reels

Badge clips or badge reels are an accessory that all nurses should have! Badge clips, for those who don’t know, are used to carry ID badges easier. You will most likely be using your ID badge to scan yourself into locked areas, medication rooms, and computer systems.

Badge reels clip directly onto your scrubs and then clip into your badge. This allows you to have easy access to your badge, pocket cheat sheets or anything else on your reel.

They’re very useful for any type of nurse, and why not make them fun?
We have a full list of our 61 Favorite Unique Badge Clip Reels, click here to check it out!

Nursing Watches

Having a good watch is vital for keep track of your day. It also can be helpful when taking vitals or timing certain procedures.

Nurse Watch Cartoon Luminous Pin Quartz Pocket Brooch Fob Nursing ...

Watches are not only a necessary accessory for nurses, but for other medical professionals as well. The best nursing watches typically have a sweeping second hand or some way to count seconds. Counting seconds is important to time someones respirations or their heart rate. Nurses will use a stopwatch or a watch with a sweeping hand to make getting vitals easier and more accurate.

Most nurses do like using an Apple Watch. They’re super great for nurses because they can give you notifications directly from your phone to your wrist.

Badge Reel Markers

These markers are designed to clip onto your badge and be readily available for whenever you need to label a dressing, tubing or anything else that needs to be labeled. It helps to ensure that you do not forgot about labeling (which is very important) and keep things neat for the next shift.

Cliche Nursing School T-Shirts & Cups

Having some fun nursing gear can help to calm your nerves and get you excited for nursing school! Getting accepted to nursing school is exciting. Getting some fun nursing school t-shirts is a must. Cliche t-shirts and cups are great accessories that all nurses should have!

Self explanatory. 

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